Electric Motor

Volt Motors is a subsidiary of the Saya Group, a privately held Turkish conglomerate with interests in real estate development, tooling and molding, pharmaceuticals, mining and low-voltage industrial motor manufacturing.

We manufacture the highest quality electric motors, designed and produced in a modern facility utilizing highly trained personnel and the latest manufacturing equipment. We not only operate cost efficiently but also in an environmentally responsible manner.


General purpose motors can be produced as 2-4- 6 poles, 380 and 400V/50Hz for three-phase and 220V/50Hz and 230V/50Hz for single-phase. Special motors with special shafts, multi-speeds, various voltages and frequencies can be produced according to customer’s requests.

Aluminum and cast iron frames are between 63-315, 0,12 kW - 200 kW. (Aluminum frame: 63 – 180. Cast iron frame: 160-315). Their manufacturing and installation systems are IM B3, IM B5, IM B14 and B3/B5 (B35) and B3/B14 (B34) combined system format according to IEC 60034-7. Motors can also operate in vertical and appropriate
installation positions.