Waste Water Treatment Plant

Package Sewage Treatment Plant

Green Dot Limited offers a comprehensive range of Water Treatment Solutions, including package sewage treatment plants. Our package sewage treatment plants are designed to provide effective wastewater...


Iron Removal Plant

Iron Removal Plant is most effective solution in Industrial Water Purifier Sector in Bangladesh, It is wide using for Industrial solution as well as home use . Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants an...


Water Softener Plant in Bangladesh

Are you experiencing issues caused by hard water in Bangladesh? Look no further than Green Dot Limited! Natural water can contain minerals that create hardness, which is a common problem faced by home...

RO Water Treatment Plant | Best Water Treatment Solution in Banglades

RO Water Treatment Plant

A reverse osmosis drinking water treatment plant is a type of water treatment system that utilizes the process of reverse osmosis to purify water for drinking. Reverse osmosis is a process in which wa...


Small Bottling Water Treatment Plant

Small bottling plants play a vital role in ensuring the availability of safe drinking water in rural communities, hotels, schools, and other small-scale operations. Green Dot Limited offers small bott...


Jar Water Plant

A Jar Water Plant, also known as an industrial water purification system, is a vital component in the treatment of water on a large scale. Its purpose is to eliminate impurities and contaminants, maki...


Battery Water Plant

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Zero-Liquid-Discharge Project Image

Zero Liquid Discharge

Green Dot Limited is the leader of Wastewater Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant and all kinds of Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. We always reserve modern technolog...

Wastewater Treatment Plant | Best Water Treatment Solution in Banglades

Wastewater Treatment Plant

A wastewater reuse plant, also known as a water reclamation plant, is a facility specifically designed to treat and recycle wastewater for various beneficial uses. This process involves removing conta...

Rain Water Harvesting | Best Water Treatment Solution in Banglades

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water harvesting is a natural gift by almighty Allah. It is also called rain water collection technology or rainwater treatment system. It is a technology that collect the water at rainy season a...

Mobile Water Treatment Plant

Mobile Water Treatment Solutions

A mobile water treatment plant is a portable system that can be transported to different locations to provide clean water for various purposes. These plants are designed to be flexible and can be used...


Juice and Soft Drink Project

We are a leading company in Bangladesh that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for Juice and Soft Drink Projects. One of the essential criteria for such projects is the use of 100% pure...


Mineral Water Plant in Bangladesh

We are a leading and reputable manufacturer of Mineral Water Plants in Bangladesh, specializing in the design and implementation of turnkey projects. With our expertise in water treatment, we offer co...

Packaged STP | Best Water Treatment Solution in Banglades

Packaged STP

We are manufacturer and supplier of Packaged STP Plant in Bangladesh. Package STP is a System where it can install where limitation of space and wide application of Package STP in commercial and resi...


Best Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh

Welcome to Green Dot Limited, your trusted partner for the Best Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for water treatment, addressing diverse needs ranging from industrial applications to cutting-edge purification services. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, Green Dot Limited is at the forefront of ensuring access to clean water for a sustainable future.


Green Dot Limited stands out as a leader in the field of Water Treatment Plant solutions in Bangladesh. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of services, including industrial water solutions, water purification, and waste water treatment. We pride ourselves on offering end-to-end solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Why Water Treatment Plant Needs in Bangladesh:

The necessity for water treatment plants in Bangladesh arises from the growing demand for clean water in various sectors, including industries, households, and agriculture. Rapid industrialization and population growth have increased the pressure on water resources, making it imperative to implement efficient water treatment processes. Green Dot Limited recognizes this need and addresses it through a range of solutions that cater to different water treatment requirements.


Environmental Preservation: Green Dot Limited contributes to environmental preservation by offering sustainable water solutions, including industrial water recycling. This ensures efficient management and reuse of water resources, reducing the overall environmental impact.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous water quality testing procedures guarantee that the treated water meets the highest standards, providing assurance to clients about the safety and purity of the water they use.

Cutting-edge Technologies: The use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as Reverse Osmosis Systems, Ultraviolet (UV) Water Treatment Plant, and Chemical Water Treatment Plant Solutions, ensures efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment processes.

Why Green Dot Limited:

Expertise in Waste Water Treatment: Green Dot Limited excels in waste water treatment, offering services like Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Sewage Treatment Solutions (STP), and Industrial Recycling Plants (IRP) with innovative and effective solutions.

Cutting-edge Technologies: The company employs cutting-edge technologies to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, ensuring clients benefit from the most efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions available.

Water Quality Testing and Consultancy: As a leader in the industry, Green Dot Limited provides rigorous water quality testing services and expert consultancy to guide clients in making informed decisions for their specific water treatment needs.

Sustainable Water Solutions: The commitment to sustainability is evident through the company's industrial water recycling solutions, supporting a greener and more responsible future.

Reliable Equipment and Suppliers: Green Dot Limited collaborates with reputable water treatment plant equipment suppliers in Bangladesh, guaranteeing the quality and durability of systems, from water softeners to RO water treatment.

Choose Green Dot Limited for the assurance of clean water, the efficiency of advanced technologies, and a commitment to sustainability, defining comprehensive water treatment plant solutions for a healthier, greener tomorrow in Bangladesh. Explore ETP, STP, IRP, Water Softeners, and RO Water Treatment Plant options with us. Green Dot Limited offers Best Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. Explore ETP, STP, IRP, Water Softeners, RO Water Treatment Plant.