Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Recycle & Reuse Plant in Bangladesh. We are pioneer in Wastewater Recycle & Reuse Plant in Bangladesh. Green Dot Limited is introducing modern and economical technology in Wastewater Recycle & Reuse Plant in Bangladesh, Zero Discharge Plant in Bangladesh and Effluent Treatment Plant ( ETP) in Bangladesh

There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people – and the environment – suffer badly.”  World Water Vision Report

With the current state of affairs, correcting measures still can be taken to avoid the crisis to be worsening. There is an increasing awareness that our freshwater resources are limited and need to be protected both in terms of quantity and quality. This water challenge affects not only the water community, but also decision-makers and every human being. “Water is everybody’s business” was one the key messages of the 2nd World Water Forum.

All wastewater are different, So  it is necessary to work with a team that can combine comprehensive knowledge with practical experience in the fields of chemistry, biology, hydraulics, mechanical processes/equipment, instrumentation and control, materials handling and plant layout.

Green Dot Limited can deliver on all the process components that make up a wastewater treatment plant. We have cultivated expertise for designing and implementing such kind of Waste Water Recycle and Reuse Plant, Zero Discharge Plant to save the environment.

Our services include process design, process optimization, plant operations and control systems. Green Dot can also assist clients to develop long-term, sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment including biosolids and other solids waste treatment and disposal, and effluent reuse.

  • Facilities of raw water analysis
  • Facilities of planning and development
  • Alternatives and comparison analysis
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Comprehensive facility evaluations
  • Bio-solids management planning
  • Comparative benchmarking
  • Treatability studies and pilot studies
  • Process design
  • Concept design
  • Detailed design for bid/tender
  • Design-build owner’s engineering services
  • Design-build and alliance partnerships
  • Construction phase engineering services
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Startup and commissioning services
  • Process and energy use optimization
  • Computerized operations and maintenance manuals
  • Pretreatment programs
  • Permitting and regulatory assistance
  • Utility master planning and asset management
  • Economic analysis and rate studies
  • Program management

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