RO Chemicals

RO Chemicals

Membrane Scaling

Membrane scaling

All reverse osmosis (RO) feed waters are different in ionic composition. As a result, different types of scale may deposit on the membranes if the correct antiscalant is not used. Selecting the right

Membrane Fouling

Membrane Fouling

Although membrane fouling is often caused by issues with pre-treatment, in some cases the effects can be controlled by correct antiscalant selection and dosage. We can also recommend speciality

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Antiscalant Chemical Supplier in Bangladesh

Selecting the correct antiscalant is critical to providing optimum operating conditions for both sea and brackish water RO plants. Correct product application will help to ensure the plant runs as

Membrane Cleaners


Successful membrane cleaning depends primarily on the nature of the foulant. Before selecting cleaning chemicals and designing a cleaning protocol it is vitally important to correctly identify the

Ancillary Products

Ancillary products

Genesys International provides a range of additional membrane products which include membrane compatible flocculants for feed water optimisation, biocides for on line dosing and off line

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Application Guideline

Scale Specific Antiscalant Broad spectrum antiscalants will fit many situations, but with RO technology spreading to new areas, feed waters with an unconventional chemistry become more frequent :