Air Feeding Ozone Generator

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Air Feeding Ozone Generator

Model No: HOZ-7G/10G-D
Brand Name: Heron
Capacity: 7G, 10G
  • Corona discharge with quartz tube, 20,000 working hours
  • High grade Stainless steel  housing
  • Multi-line screen LCD, micro-computer automatic control
  • Remote controller operation
  • Adjustable ozone output, 10-100% 0-24 Hours intelligent  time-control  design
  • Automatically fan delay shutting down control for protecting ozone tube
Technical Specification:
ModelOzone outputPowerPurity areaOzone concentrationDimension (cm)Packing size (cm)Gas feeding
HOZ-7G-D7G120W120-160m2Air source 15-25mg/L
External oxygen source 50-120mg/L
22*25*5441*32*57.5 (carton)Air source
(external oxygen source)


Fruit and vegetable preservation, food workshop, cosmetics workshop, pharmaceutical factory, cultivation of  bacteria and so on.

  • Food processing industry
  • Beverage processing
  • Cold storage
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • Farming
  • Drinking water
  • Fruit and vegetable processing
  • Swimming pool
  • Germ-free room