Application Guideline

Scale Specific Antiscalant

Broad spectrum antiscalants will fit many situations, but with RO technology spreading to new areas, feed waters with an unconventional chemistry become more frequent :

  • Ground waters in arid & desert areas frequently contain high levels of calcium, magnesium, silica and sulphate
  • Tertiary effluent recycling systems typically face high levels of phosphate
  • Extensive extraction from aquifers can lead to the deterioration of the water chemical composition over time.

In order to cope with such waters, Genesys has developed a range of scale specific antiscalants such as : Genesys SI, Genesys PHO or Genesys CAS.

Genesys Range of Antiscalants

The Genesys range of products are designed to treat all possible plant situations and feed water requirements. The main antiscalants are reproduced in the table below, for the complete list please go to our website :

Antiscalant Water Application Plant size CaCO3 CaSO4 BaSO4 SiO2 CaPO4 Mg(OH)2 Fe/Mn
Genesys LF All Broad spectrum Large
Genesys AP All Broad spectrum Large
Genesys LF60 Brackish Broad spectrum Small / Med
Genesys MP Brackish Broad spectrum Med
Genesys RC Brackish Broad spectrum Recycled
Genesys CAS Brackish Calcium sulphate All
Genesys BS Brackish Barium sulphate All
Genesys SI Brackish High silica All
Genesys PHO Brackish Calcium phosphate All
Genesys MG Brackish Magnesium hydroxide All