Aquadyn UF

Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Modules

Green Dot Limited introduce German origin excrement UF Technology in Bangladesh. Traditional water treatment designs are generally based on an assembly by methods of pre-treatment, precipitation, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, pressure sand filtration, and finally disinfection. These traditional methods are more complex design. So, by this method consistent effluent quality is not always possible. On the other hand membrane technology can possible to separator process to produce a consistent and high quality permeate with friendly and environmentally manner.

AQUADYN® modules presents an unique technology 0.025 micron PAN hollow fiber membrane. It is hydrophilic low-fouling, high-flux, and double asymmetric. It is more effective to reject bacteria, turbidity and thers solid particles by double asymmetric property. Other reasons for more effectiveness are the filtration layer inside and outside the hollow fiber. So, it does not happen pore clogging during backwash.

The special design of Mann+Hummel UF module allows for smaller plant sizes. And it considers high level of possible automation result in easier day-to-day operation. Our AQUADYN series UF module offers an all-inclusive wide range of filtration models for different applications.

Application Experience
  • Biological ETP
  • As Pre-treatment of RO Plant
  • Storm Water Treatment Plant
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Most suitable for Cooling water
  • Water filtration for the food & beverage industry
  • Underground Water Treatment Plant
  • Karst Water Filtration
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plant
  • Deliver high flow rates
  • Sustainable and supper performance
  • Most effective and reliable process
  • Most effective for removing particles and bacteria
  • Easy to use as pre-treatment (100 μm)
  • Compact and easy to installation
  • High productivity
  • Flexible flushing modes
  • Require low chemical demand
Technical Specification


Parameter UA420-BT UA860 UA1060HP
Structure Hollow Fiber Hollow Fiber Hollow Fiber
Membrane Surface (m²) 6 45 60
Pore Size (μm) 0.025 0.025 0.025
Housing Material Reinforced PP Reinforced ABS & uPVC uPVC
Potting Epoxy Epoxy Epoxy
Flow Type Out / In Out / In Out / In
Type of Filtration Dead-End Dead-End Dead-End
Regeneration - Backflush, Air Scouring Backflush, Forward Flush, Air Scouring
Max Feed Pressure at 20o C (bar) 1 2 5
pH Range 2-10 2-10 2-10
Max Feed TSS (mg/l) ≤ 5 ≤ 350 ≤ 350


Module Operating Process
Flushing Modes
Module Fiber Arrangement Membrane Material Module Diameter (mm) Module Length (mm)
UA420-BT U-Shape PAN 160 604
UA860 U-Shape PAN 216 1642
UA1060HP U-Shape PAN 267 1737
AquaDyne Flushing Modes
Aquadyn UF Oily Water Wastewater Treatment
Oily Water & Wastewater Treatment
Aquadyn UF Stormwater Treatment
Stormwater Treatment
Aquadyn UF Mine Tailing Pond Treatment
Mine Tailing Pond Treatment
Aquadyn UF RO Pretreatment
RO Pretreatment
Aquadyn UF Ground Water Treatment
Ground Water Treatment