Brackish Water RO Membrane

Brackish Water RO Membrane

Brackish Water RO Membrane | High Salinity RO Membrane

Brackish Water RO Membrane is mostly suitable for higher TDS Water. Brack water or Brackish water, we can defined as water with a level of TDS ( Total dissolve solid) between sweet water and saline water. Near the Sea areas can be good example where can find brackish water. In this areas it is mostly recommended Brackish Water RO Membrane.  A Sea Mouth is a location where salt and fresh water mix, typically around the opening of a river, and many industrial and commercial water treatment facilities pull water from such locations. Brackish Water RO Membranes are for the Industrial Systems that need high rejection and operating pressures also higher as well. Sizes of Brackish RO Membrane are 2514 RO Membrane | 2521 RO Membrane | 2540 RO Membrane | 4014 RO Membrane | 4021 RO Membrane | 4040 RO Membrane | 8040 RO Membrane.

Our BR Series Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membranes are one of the industries most reliable and highest performing reverse osmosis membrane.  Our BR Series RO membrane elements are available in all standard commercial and industrial sizes, feature a protective shell, and are 100% vacuum integrity tested. 


BR Series High Rejection Standard Pressure Composite Polyamide Elements
Model Type Nominal Salt Rejection, % Permeate Flow, GPD Test* PDF
BR2-2514 99,4% 160 A Download
BR2-2521 99,4% 330 A Download
BR2-2540 99,4% 650 A Download
BR2-4014 99,4% 525 A Download
BR2-4021 99,4% 900 A Download
BR2-4040 99,5% 2300 B Download
BR2-8040 99,5% 10000 B Download
BR3-8040 99,5% 11000 B Download
BR3G-8040 99,5% 11000 B Download
BR34-8040 99,5% 12000 B Download


* Test Condition:
Test NaCl Solution ppm Pressure psig (MPa) Temperature °C (°F) pH range Recovery
A 1500 255(1.55) 25(77) 6.5 – 7.0 10
B 15