Electronic Ballast, UV Lamp Ballast

Electronic Ballast With Grounding Wire UV Lamp Ballast
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Electronic Ballast, UV Lamp Ballast

Model No: YTG01-4W, YTG01-6W, YTG01-12W, YTG01-16W, YTG01-25W, YTG01-30W, YTG01-35W, YTG01-55W
Technical Specification:
ModelLamp type T5 4PINInput Voltage (V)Input Current (A)Power FactorMini Start Temp (oF/oC)
YTG01-4W4W UVC220V0.030>0.950/-18
YTG01-6W6W UVC220V0.045>0.950/-18
YTG01-12W12W UVC220V0.091>0.950/-18
YTG01-16W16W UVC220V0.121>0.950/-18
YTG01-25W25W UVC220V0.189>0.950/-18
YTG01-30W30W UVC220V0.227>0.950/-18
YTG01-35W35W UVC220V0.265>0.950/-18
YTG01-55W55W UVC220V0.417>0.950/-18



  1. Electronic Ballast for UV lamps 4W-150W, 120V/230V, 50/60Hz
  2. High power factor, low THD
  3. CE, UL Certificate
  4. 1 year warranty
  5. Customized design available. OEM&ODM are welcomed.