Gaia Carbon


What Is Gaia Carbon

Gaia Carbon is a premium quality higher Iodine Value Granular Activated Carbon from Malaysia. It is premium quality activated carbon via self-designed unique-point steam activated including carbon shell. It is unique design granular activated carbon for reducing of bad smell, odor and dissolved organic heavy metal. It is manufactured from 100% coconut shell. All raw materials are selected grade and tested at own laboratories to produce a high quality, density, durable product. The major part of production which is activation, Gaia is carefully controlled to produce each and every batch. So, it produces exceptionally high internal surface area with optimum pore size for the adsorption of a broad range of low molecular weight organic contaminants and oxidizing agents like chlorine and ozone. This high-quality premium grade granular activated carbon can use for reduction of the undesirable tastes and odor present in many chlorinated raw waters. It also 100% trusted for many years in the reduction of free chlorine from contaminated water. It requires timely backwashing to remove absorbed suspended solid and rinse the filter bed.  It is having extra-large surface area; so, it can provide exceptionally high capacity and more efficiency. The balanced pore structure gives more adsorption range with more efficiency. This activated carbon is very durable and so losses because of to attrition are kept to a minimum.

Physical Properties
  • Color: Black
  • Mesh Size: 8 x 16 or as per required
  • Bulk Density: 0.45-0.55 g/ml min
  • Effective Size: 1.19 ~2.38 mm
  • Ash Content: 3% max
  • Iodine Number: 1,050 mg/g
  • Moisture as packed: 5 %
  • pH 8 – 11
    • Hardness : 98% Min
    • Particle Size Distribution : 92% Min
Operating Condition
  • Water to be filtered should preferably be free of oil and suspended matter
  • The water to be filtered should be relatively free of iron and turbidity for maximum service life
  • Water pH range: wide range
  • Bed depth: min 36 in.
  • Freeboard: 50% of bed depth (min.)
  • Service flow rate: 5 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Backwash flow rate: 10-12 gpm/sq. ft.
  • Backwash bed expansion: 30-40% of bed depth
  • Upon installation, backwash to remove carbon fines before placing unit into service
Gaia Carbon
Gaia Carbon

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