Low Fouling Membrane Elements

Low Fouling Membrane Elements

Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element

Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element is build with Fouling protected technology. This kind of Reverse Osmosis Membrane can clean easily.  Fouling is a terrible issue for RO Membrane. Most of membranes are lose their productivity due to fouling. Therefore Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane can be right choice to increase life of Membrane. Oltremare Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane (Foul) series is comply good facilities against high TDS Water. Oltremare Low Fouling RO Membrane can run up to 10000ppm Total Dissolve Solid (TDS ). Because of it has extended membrane area up to 440 ft2. General Reverse Osmosis Membrane can lose their production performance due to Bio-fouling and Scaling. But fouling resistant can contain more resistant to absorbs such kind of Bio-fouling and scaling. Oltremare Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane elements are considered for higher organic or biological fouling parameter. Our Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane element is unprintable for Waste water recycling Plant, Zero Liquid Discharge, Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant, High Contaminated Water Treatment Plant and other challenging critical feed water plant.

Membrane can be fouling during their service time, it is very common issue. And fouling membrane will be clean by CIP process, it is also common practice. But life of general membrane cannot longer as Low Fouling Membrane, Therefore Membrane selection is most important subject during design the Plant.   Green Dot Limited can be best source for selecting right membrane element for right purpose. To get assistant for design the plant, selecting right membrane, any kinds of critical issues regarding water treatment process or process of Membrane cleaning take our assistant from our Water Treatment Expertise. For details contact at +8801795-888-111 or you can reach to us by email marketing@softnion.com . Our technical expertise must comply you request willingly as per your requirement within short time.


Fouling Resistant Membrane Elements
Part No Min TDS Rejection, % Capacity, GPD Test* PDF
FOUL1-2540 98,0% min 650 A Download
FOUL1-4040 99,4% 2300 B Download
FOUL1-8040 99,5% 10500 B Download
FOUL2G-8040 99,5% 10500 B Download


* Test Condition:
Test NaCl Solution ppm Pressure psig (MPa) Temperature °C (°F) pH range Recovery
A 1500 255(1.55) 25(77) 6.5 – 7.0 10
B 15