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GT Series Pressure Roots Blower:

Model NoDiameterPressure RangeDatasheet
GT-40 40mm 0 ~ 6000 mmAqDownload
GT-50 50mm 0 ~ 8000 mmAqDownload
GT-65 0 ~ 8000 mmAqDownload
GT-80 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-100 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-125S 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-125 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-150 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-200 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-200A 0 ~ 8000 mmAqDownload
GT-250 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-250A 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-300 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-300A 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-350 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download
GT-400 0 ~ 8000 mmAq Download

Roots Blower in Bangladesh

Roots Blower in Bangladesh We has introduced modern technologies in Roots Blower in Bangladesh. We are supplying high quality energy efficient Roots Blower in Bangladesh . Our principles lie well-anchored in innovation and we have thrived in the lead of the Bangladesh and Asian market, placing us on par with Western engineering standards. We remain unstoppable when it comes to super-competitive costs and effectiveness of production, with easy maintenance for enduring quality, for many of your engineering needs.

We are committed to maintaining product quality and innovation, production standardization, and strict inspection system, in order to ensure that Air Blower Tri-Lobe Roots Blower Roots Blower Submersible ETP Pump Non Clog Pump Tube Diffuser Disc Diffuser  and Air Diffusers can meet customer’s requirement. We offer the best quality products and quick after-sale service. We are capable to make products according to customer’s special request. So contact us for Air Blower Tri-Lobe Roots Blower Roots Blower Submersible ETP Pump Non Clog Pump Tube Diffuser Disc Diffuser  and Air Diffuser.

  1. Aqua culture
  2. Pneumatic conveying
  3. Waste water treatment plants
  4. Electroplating tanks
  5. Printing
  6. Activated sludge systems.
  7. Vacuum handling systems.
  8. Drying systems.
  9. Absorption transporter (for high standards of hygiene)
  10. Filters.
  11. Hospitals and dentistry.
  1. The Tri-Lobe Blower, because of having rotor tips disposed at 120º on each rotor, causes the rotor set to be much more resistant to angular deflection along it's length, than two lobed rotor sets, which have lobe tips disposed at 180º each - this extra "stiffness" provides less deflection at any load, thus minimizing possible rotor contact with both the cylinder and it's sister rotor during operation.
  2. This same tip orientation provides for more even load distribution between the rotor and gear sets, while under normal load cycling - this feature enhances the life of the bearings and gears - the six smaller volume chambers per revolution of the Tri-Lobe vs.
  3. four larger chambers of the two lobe, increases the pulsation frequency, allowing pulsation magnitude to be limited, and reducing characteristic noise levels.
Bore Size : 25mm – 350mm (1” –14”)
Air Flow : 0.1 – 260 m3/min ( 6 – 15600m3/hr)
Pressure :
One Stage Type : 0 - 10000 mmAq
Two Stage Type : 10000 - 20000 mmAq
As Vacuum Pump : up to –5000 mmAq