BNS-ISSA-Khan Project Green Dot Limited

Desalination and Filtration Plant for Bangladesh Navy, BNS Issa Khan

  • Client : Bangladesh Navy
  • Location : BNS Issa Khan, Chittagong.
  • Scope : Desalination and Filtration Plant to supply drinking water for ships company and officer’s accommodation area at BNS Issa Khan, Chittagong
  • Capacity : 120000 liter per hour.

Desalination and Filtration Plant for Bangladesh Navy, BNS Issa Khan Project:

Green Dot Limited has undertaken a landmark project in collaboration with the Bangladesh Navy, involving the establishment of a cutting-edge Desalination and Filtration Plant at BNS Issa Khan, Chittagong. This strategic initiative focuses on providing a consistent supply of clean drinking water to both the ships' company and the officer's accommodation area. With an impressive capacity of 120,000 liters per hour, our state-of-the-art desalination and filtration technologies ensure a reliable and sustainable water source.

This project signifies Green Dot Limited's

commitment to delivering innovative solutions for critical infrastructure needs, particularly in support of defense establishments. By addressing the essential water requirements of the naval facility, we contribute to the efficiency and operational readiness of the Bangladesh Navy. Our dedication to excellence in project execution reinforces our position as a trusted partner in advancing vital infrastructure projects, showcasing our expertise in providing sustainable and high-quality water solutions.

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