Mobile Water Treatment Plant is an equipment, by which one can ensure safe and WHO standard  drinking water from any kind of source water in any time any place. Having a built-in power generation facility enables the system independent in operation.Under the Department of Public Health and Engineering (DPHE), Green Dot Limited implemented a lot of projects in the coastal areas by the financial support of Islamic Development Bank (IDB).  Salinity is a big issue in coastal belt.

The community people experiences lot of difficulties to collect drinking water. Green Dot Limited developed 8 PCs of Pick up mounted Mobile Water TreatmentPlant in Bangladesh capacity of 2000 LPH at their own facilities and supplied them. Green Dot Limited has introduced all kind of modern technologies to this Pick Up Mounted Mobile Water Treatment Plant.

The Mobile Water Treatment Plant has been designed and fabricated at own facilities of Green Dot Limited which bear dignity of Bangladesh.All types of processes are carried out in this modern mobile water treatment plant. Chemical and membrane separation processes are both applied to treat effectively the ground or surface level wastewater.