Sewage Treatment Plant in Bangladesh

Sewage Treatment plant in Bangladesh is growing business due to environmental aspect. And now a days Sewage Treatment Plant is mandatory to all ship because the sewage generated on the ship cannot be stored on the ship for a very long time and it for this reason it has to be discharged into the sea. Though sewage can be discharged into the sea, we cannot discharge it directly overboard as there are some regulations regarding discharging of sewage that needs to be followed.

Our group has taken this opportunity for installing STP  (Sewage Treatment Plant) for 150 persons of Neval Ship Ali Haider under Bangladesh Navy. The STP was demanded by UN from the environmental point of view. Ali Haider is the largest and well equipped frigate which is deployed for UN mission in Labanon. By which Bangladesh Navy is earning handsome amount of foreign currency indeed. It should be mentioned that this is the first STP in a Bangladeshi Frigate so far. Our plant is constructed and tested under very strict standards ensuring trouble-free operation in any environment.