Surface Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh now is the burning issue as the availability of  underground water is going down day by day. Considering of this situation Chittagong Port Authority has decided to set up a 400m3/h Reverse Osmosis based Surface Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. And they have appointed Green Dot Limited after evaluating the strength of working capability. Green Dot Limited  has successfully supplied, commissioned and installed the most prestigious and giant Surface Water Treatment Plant for Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) in Chittagong port.

The scope of work was Reverse Osmosis Membrane based Surface Water Treatment Plant; HDPE, MS, SS, and uPVC Pipe Network; Civil works including water tank, Pre-Fabricated steel building, road cutting and carpeting with bituminous and underground Pump House; Electromechanical works including sub-station.   It was a great problem persisting in Chittagong Port Area for CPA to provide drinking water to the foreign ships. Chittagong WASA was assigned to serve them drinking water so far. But Chittagong WASA was not capable even to fulfill the demand of about 3 hundred ships staying around the berthing area. After completion of this project capacity of 4 lac liter per hour CPA now can easily provide 900 tons pure and safe drinking water daily to the ships of home and abroad.