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Battery Water/Battery Water Plant

Battery Water Plant in Bangladesh is most profitable business. A new battery should be checked once or twice every 3 months with, more frequently if the battery is older. Distilled water should be used as Battery Water as it lacks the high mineral content present in tap water. Minerals settle in the battery compartment inhibiting the proper operation of the lead acid cell. For Battery Water, the TDS should be less than 5ppm. To get good performance of your battery, Battery water is most important. So, it should be selected right Batter Water when it require.

When a battery is new from the factory and has never been used for any purpose. It is first filled with Battery Water with acid, fully charged and it is ready for use.

Battery acid is sulfuric acid that has been diluted with water to attain a desirable concentration level. This particular type of acid is used in sealed lead acid batteries; however, concentration levels differ with from brand to brand. The batteries use a combination of lead plates and an electrolyte consisting of a diluted sulphuric acid to convert electrical energy into potential chemical energy and back again.


Acid is extremely dangerous. It’s corrosive nature literally melts any bodily tissue it comes in contact with. When it comes in contact with soil it contaminates it for an extended period of time depending on the concentration of the acid. This could potentially be harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Because of this, batteries must be recycled. It is usually illegal to dispose of these batteries in the garbage. At Chloride Exide we offer a battery recycling service for your convenience as well as saving our planet.


The acid in the battery normally does not require replacement nor replenishment since it is not consumed. When the level on the battery goes down, only distilled water should be used. We recommend you use only Chloride Exide distilled water which is available in the region to ensure best quality. Never use tap or mineral water due to high levels of minerals which destroys the battery and makes your warranty null and void.

Chloride Exide Low maintenance and Deep cycle batteries use lead-antimony plates which require regular watering to replace water lost due to electrolysis on each charging cycle. The batteries have easily detachable caps where a top-up with distilled water is required from time to time. If the electrolyte liquid level drops too low, the plates are exposed to air, lose capacity, and are damaged. How To Add Battery Water In a Car Battery ? Adding batter water to a car battery that drops charge, can add a few extra years to it's life span, as it keeps the car battery maintained and in good shape.

Instructions on how to top up a car battery, using a bottle of battery water.:

  • Go to a shop and buy some battery water and make sure it is distilled water. Don't be cheap and use water that is from your kitchen sink, if you do you will damage the car battery.
  • Open you car bonnet and wipe the top surface of the battery clean with a damp soft cloth.
  • Get hold of a flat head screwdriver and get access to the front part of the car battery. You are going to use the flat head screwdriver to open the vent caps.
  • Use the flat head screwdriver and remove the plastic caps from the car battery. This is by pushing the flat side of the screwdriver into all the sides of the caps, they will eventually remove themselves from the car battery.
  • Get hold of your distilled battery water and gently pour in the battery water until the water level is below the bottom of the battery cap, when it is replaced. Apply this step for all of the caps. Make sure you don't overfill your car battery with loads of unnecessary water because acid water can leak out of the caps, so do be careful when pouring it in!
  • Once the battery water is topped to the highest level, it is then time to close the caps on the battery. This is can be done pushing each cap into the hole, using your steady hands, or using a hand plier. If the car battery is completely dead in your car, i would recommend you to remove the car battery from the vehicle and take it to your battery charger.
  • What i recommend is to get hold of a battery charger and charge up the car battery after you just topped up the battery water, but only if it is flat and fails to start up your car. This is because the battery acid can become more active, which can increase the battery's life span and make it work like brand new once again!

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