G-ion Cation Resin

Model: G-ion Cation Resin

Origin: China

Type: Cation exchange resin

Functional group: Negatively charged ion (such as sulfonic acid)

Matrix: Plastic beads (such as styrene divinylbenzene)

Particle size: 0.315mm-1.250mm

Exchange capacity: ≥4.50 mmol/g

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BSR Cation Exchange Resin

Model: BSR Cation Resin

pH Range: 1-14

Shaping Dilatability (%): (H+-Na+) 8-10

Flow of Activated Solution: 5-8 m/h

Regeneration Contact Time: 30-60 min

Conventional Well-Flushing Flow: 10-20 m/h

Conventional Well-Flushing Time: 30 min

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G-ion Anion Resin

Model: G-ion Anion Resin

Ionic Form: Na (Sodium)

Appearance: Flaxen to chryso spherical grain

Moisture Content: 50.00-60.00%

Total Exchange Capacity: ≥4.00 mmol/g

Strong F. Exchange Capacity: ≥3.70 mmol/g

Total Exchange Capacity: ≥1.10 mmol/ml

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G-Ion Mixed Bed Resin

Model: GER-8710

Ionic Form: H+/OH

Appearance: Gel Type Beads

Polymer Matrix Structure: Styrene – DVB

Functional Group: Sulfuric acid/Quaternary amine

Moisture Content: 55-68%

Capacity in Volume: 1.8/0.9 mmol/ml

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Trilite Cation Resin

Appearance: Gel type beads

Matrix: Styrene - DVB

Functional Group: Sulfonic acid

Ionic Form: Sodium (Na+)

Moisture Content: 43 - 50%

Operating Temperature: Up to 120°C

Uniformity Coefficient: 1.60 minimum

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