Non-Self-Priming Multistage Pump

Equipment: Stainless steel in monobloc design, threaded connection

Motor: Single-phase or three-phase AC motor, insulation class F, protection class IP X4

Mains connection: 1~230 V, 50 Hz

Rated power: 0.55 kW

Power consumption: 0.84 kW

Nominal current:: 1~230 V, 50 Hz - 4.0 A

Fluid temperature: -15 to +110 °C

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Green Dot Limited is a trusted pump manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh, specializing in high-quality horizontal centrifugal pumps. Whether you're in need of industrial pumps for various applications or a reliable water pump solution, Green Dot Limited has got you covered.

With a commitment to excellence, Green Dot Limited offers a wide range of pumping solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers in Bangladesh. Their horizontal centrifugal pumps are designed for efficiency, durability, and optimal performance in various industries.

As a leading pump manufacturer in Bangladesh, Green Dot Limited provides comprehensive pump services, including installation and maintenance. Their team of skilled professionals ensures that the pumps are installed correctly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Green Dot Limited's pump technology incorporates advanced features and innovative designs, resulting in pumps that deliver exceptional performance while maintaining energy efficiency. Their pumps are built to meet the highest standards, delivering reliable and consistent operation in demanding environments.

When it comes to pump specifications, Green Dot Limited offers a range of options to suit specific requirements. Whether it's flow rate, pressure, or materials of construction, they can customize the pumps to meet your exact needs.

Choosing Green Dot Limited for your horizontal centrifugal pump needs in Bangladesh ensures that you receive top-notch quality, reliable performance, and excellent customer service. Click here to learn more about their horizontal centrifugal pumps and discover the best pumping solution for your industry.

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