AFM Filter Media

Bulk bed density: 1‘250 kg/m3

Effective size: 0.45 mm

Spherizity: 0.75 - 0.80

Uniformity coefficient: 1.6 - 1.8

Aspect ratio: 2 - 2.4

Specific gravity: 2,4 kg/l

Organic contamination: < 50g/ton

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Genesol 40 - Alkaline Cleaner

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: pale liquid

pH as supplied: > 13.0

Specific gravity: 1.12 - 1.24

Freezing point: -0°C

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Genesol 38 - Acidic Membrane Cleaner

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: colourless liquid

pH as supplied: 3.5 – 4.0

Specific gravity: 1.17 - 1.20

Freezing point: - 0°C

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Aqualux Anthracite

Fixed carbon: 80% Min

Specific Gravity: 1.4-1.6g/cm3

Ash: 2.5% Max

Moisture: 2% Max

Wear rate: 1.5% Max

Crush rate: 1.6% Max

Void volume: 48-53%

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Pure Green Carbon

Source Material: Coconut Shells

Sustainability: Environmentally Sustainable

Ash Content: Low

Capacity: High Adsorption Capacity

Lifespan: Long

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Hi-Carb Carbon

Model: CC-800

Appearance: Black Granular

Moisture: max 5%

Hardness: min 98%

pH: 9-11

Iodine Value: 800-900 mg/g

CTC Adsorption: min 55%

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Gaia Carbon

Color: Black

Mesh Size: 8 x 16 or as per required

Bulk Density: 0.45-0.55 g/ml min

Effective Size: 1.19 ~2.38 mm

Ash Content: 3% max

Iodine Number: 1,050 mg/g

Moisture as packed: 5 %

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G-ion Cation Resin

Model: G-ion Cation Resin

Origin: China

Type: Cation exchange resin

Functional group: Negatively charged ion (such as sulfonic acid)

Matrix: Plastic beads (such as styrene divinylbenzene)

Particle size: 0.315mm-1.250mm

Exchange capacity: ≥4.50 mmol/g

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BSR Cation Exchange Resin

Model: BSR Cation Resin

pH Range: 1-14

Shaping Dilatability (%): (H+-Na+) 8-10

Flow of Activated Solution: 5-8 m/h

Regeneration Contact Time: 30-60 min

Conventional Well-Flushing Flow: 10-20 m/h

Conventional Well-Flushing Time: 30 min

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G-ion Anion Resin

Model: G-ion Anion Resin

Ionic Form: Na (Sodium)

Appearance: Flaxen to chryso spherical grain

Moisture Content: 50.00-60.00%

Total Exchange Capacity: ≥4.00 mmol/g

Strong F. Exchange Capacity: ≥3.70 mmol/g

Total Exchange Capacity: ≥1.10 mmol/ml

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G-Ion Mixed Bed Resin

Model: GER-8710

Ionic Form: H+/OH

Appearance: Gel Type Beads

Polymer Matrix Structure: Styrene – DVB

Functional Group: Sulfuric acid/Quaternary amine

Moisture Content: 55-68%

Capacity in Volume: 1.8/0.9 mmol/ml

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Trilite Cation Resin

Appearance: Gel type beads

Matrix: Styrene - DVB

Functional Group: Sulfonic acid

Ionic Form: Sodium (Na+)

Moisture Content: 43 - 50%

Operating Temperature: Up to 120°C

Uniformity Coefficient: 1.60 minimum

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BIRM Media

Color: Black

Bulk Density: 36-38 lbs./cu. ft.

Mesh Size: 12 x 50

Specific Gravity: 2.0 gm/cc

Effective Size: 0.48 mm

Uniformity Coefficient: 2.7

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Color: Brown to Black

Bulk Density: 91.0 ibs/ft3, 1.46 gr/m3, 1.46 tonne/m3

Specific Gravity: 2.69

Effective Size: 0.3 - 0.6 mm

Uniformity coefficient: 1.4

Mesh Size: 20 - 40

Annual Attrition: 1% - 5%

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Irox N70 Iron Removal Media

MnO2: 35 %

SiO2: 17-20 %

Fe: 20%

MnC2: 10-20 %

Proportion: 3.4 g/cm

Bulk Density: 2.2 g/cm

Dust Content: <3 %

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Manganese Zeolite

Manganese Zeolite is most effective and economical iron removal media ifrom Taiwan. It is commonly used for removing dissolve iron and manganese from contaminated water. It also removes hydrogen sulfi...

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Genesol UF 2

Acidic U.F. Membrane Cleaner Removes Metal Oxides and Inorganic Scales "Genesol UF 2 is a low foaming, multicomponent, acidic, UF membrane cleaner formulated with Osmotic Action to remove carbonate...

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Genesol 80

Membrane Cleaner – targets biofilm Genesol 80 is a membrane cleaner for use in reverse osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane systems. Genesol 80 targets biofilm which pre...

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Genesol UF FE

Oxalic acid based U.F. Membrane Cleaner Removes Iron and Manganese Deposits Genesol UF Fe is a low pH cleaner formulated to remove Iron and Manganese fouling from Ultra-filtration membranes, especial...

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Genesol UF 12

Alkaline Effervescent U.F. Membrane Cleaner Removes Biofilm and Organic fouling Genesol UF12 is an effervescent, alkaline, detergent, U.F. Membrane cleaner formulated with osmotic action to remove di...

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Genesol 32

Biocidal Cleaner/Preservative Genesol 32 is a broad spectrum biocide for use in cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration systems. It can be used both on and off-line to eliminate microbiological...

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Genesol 30 - Membrane Biocide

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: pale amber liquid

pH as supplied: 1.5 – 5.0

Specific gravity: 1.20 - 1.30

Freezing point: - 50°C

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Genefloc ABF

Combined Algaecide, Biocide & Flocculant Genefloc ABF is designed to act as a combined biocide and flocculant, reducing the effects of colloids, bacteria and alga on membrane systems. It is a low mo...

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Genesys LF - Broad Spectrum Antiscalant and Antifoulant

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: straw coloured liquid

pH as supplied: 9.8 - 10.2

Specific gravity: 1.34 - 1.37

Freezing point: -15°C

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Genesys LS - Antiscalant for Sea Water

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: pale coloured liquid

pH as supplied: 9.7 – 10.3

Specific gravity: 1.08 – 1.11

Freezing point: -2ºC

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