Heron Elite Plus Water Purifier

Model: Heron Elite Plus

Capacity: 75 GPD

Filtration Stage: Six

Water Type: Normal

Reserve Capacity: 10 Ltr

Country of Technology: USA Technology

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Heron Ceramic Candle Water Filter

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: Dia 2 inch (50 mm) X Length 10 inch (252mm)

Weight: 215 gram

Filtration Accuracy: 0.5 Micron

Color: White

৳499.00 ৳599.00
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Heron Open Both Ends Ceramic Filter

Brand: Heron

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: Dia 2 inch (50 mm) X Length 10 inch (252mm)

Weight: 252 gram

Color: White

Filtration Rating: 0.5 Micron

Temperature range: 5 – 30 (°C)

৳499.00 ৳599.00
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Heron Blue Water Purifier

Model: Heron Blue

Filtration Stage: 5 Stages

Installation Type: Under Sink, Counter Top, Wall Mount

Technology: Reverse Osmosis

Storage: included

Faucet: Included

Water Type: Normal

৳11,500.00 ৳13,000.00
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Heron Iron Removal Filter

Filter Type: Two Stages Filter

Housing: Clear and White Housing

Filters: Both PP Filters (customizable based on customer’s requirements)

Accessories: Housing Wrench, Thread Tape, Nipple Connection

৳2,500.00 ৳3,000.00
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Heron Gold Mineral RO Water Purifier

Model: GRO-075

Capacity: 75GPD

Filtration Stage: Six

Water Type: Normal

Dimension: 37 X 21 X 45 CM

৳15,000.00 ৳15,490.00
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Heron Fruits And Vegetable Cleaner

Model: HOZ-400MG

Ozone Capacity: 400mg/h

Dimension: 250 X 185 X 85 mm

Working time: 30 min

Net Weight: 0.8 kg

Origin: China

Technology: Ozonized Formula

৳4,500.00 ৳9,000.00
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