5 Stages Fluxtek RO Purifier

Brand: Fluxtek

Model: FE-115

Capacity: 50 GPD

Filtration Stage: Five

Water Type: Normal

Dimension: 37x19x47 CM

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5 Stages Fluxtek Quick Change RO Purifier

Brand: Fluxtek

Model: CFK4

Capacity: 50 GPD

Filtration Stage: Five

Water Type: Normal

Dimension: 36.5x23.5x41 CM

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Fluxtek Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh

Every cell in your body uses water. Water flows through your body, transporting nutrients, oxygen, and waste to and from cells and organs. Water purification can help remove harmful contaminants while also improving the taste, smell, and appearance of your drinking water.

It reduces chlorine, soil residue, and organic and inorganic substances. Green Dot Limited offers Fluxtek Water Purifier in Bangladesh and can assist you in selecting the best water filter for your home!

What is Water Purification

Water purification is the process of removing unwanted chemicals, biological pollutants, suspended particles, and gases from water.

Before it is used for human consumption (drinking water), water is cleaned and disinfected, but it also has medicinal, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial applications. Throughout history, water has been cleaned in a variety of ways.

Filtration, sedimentation, and distillation are examples of physical procedures; biological processes include slow sand filters or biologically active carbon; chemical processes include flocculation and chlorination; and electromagnetic radiation, such as ultraviolet light, is used electromagnetically.

What is a Water Purifier

A water filter removes sediment and contaminants from water, making it safe to drink and use for bathing, cooking, and dishwashing. Water filters typically employ a variety of carbon media to collect contaminants and keep them from polluting your water and reaching places like your kitchen sink.

Purifiers and filters serve the same purpose: they remove impurities from water. Water purifiers, on the other hand, remove biological and mineral impurities from water. This is accomplished through the use of various purification methods, 

Fluxtek Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh

Fluxtek's founder, Mr. Lai, noticed that low-quality carbon was being used in the filters. As a result, he decided to discontinue the supply of all filters. He even traveled to coconut-producing countries such as Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka to obtain high-quality carbon.

Mr. Lai attested to the high quality of each filter, including the carbon. As a result, the Fluxtek brand has gained the trust of customers in Bangladesh. This brand's entry-level model is the FE-115. Taiwan is the origin of this brand. It is an open RO water purifier model.

It is a 50GPD water purifier that can provide up to 192 liters of pure water per day. It has a 5G pressure tank (19 liters) for storing pure water.

It has a large American-style, long-lasting faucet. You can hang it on the wall or place it under your kitchen sink. Green Dot Limited has the most affordable price range for this appliance.

Where Can You Find Fluxtek Water Purifier in Bangladesh

Green Dot Ltd offers a diverse selection of brands and models. Before making a decision, conduct research and read online reviews. Invest in the best water filter available because your health and well-being are at stake!

If you are unsure about which water purifier to buy for your home, Green Dot Ltd is always willing to help. They have the best Fluxtek Water Purifiers for daily use in Bangladesh!

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