FRP Vessel

FRP Vessel in Bangladesh: Now a days FRP Vessel is utmost popular in Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics ( FRP) also known as GRP, or Glass Reinforced Plastics. The use of FRP Vessel  in Bangladesh are Industrial RO Water Purifier, Jar Water Project, Small Bottle Water Plant, Iron Removal Plant, Water Softener Plant, Desalination Plant, Central Water Treatment Plant, DM Plant, Battery Water Plant, Mineral Water Plant and so on. Green Dot Limited is one of the largest and oldest suppliers of FRP Vessel in Bangladesh.

Quality assurance:

  • Unique serial no to each vessel for tracking the records
  • Hydrotest @ 1.5 times working pressure
  • Smooth external glossy finish
  • UV & Scratch resistant external Epoxy paint.


  • Shell Layer: Fiber Glass
  • MAX. Test Pressure: 150psi
  • MAX. Working Pressure: 100psi
  • Temperature Range: 1-49℃
  • MAX. Vacuum: 5″Hg(127mm Hg)
  • Minimum burst at 600psi
  • Tested to 250,000 cycles without leakage

Key Points of our FRP Vessel:

  • High Strength and durable FRP shell
  • Polyurethane outermost coating provides extra protection to environment and good appearance.
  • Quick access to membranes and eliminates use of tools
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light in weight
  • High impact strength
  • Superior outlook
  • Easy to handle & install
  • Maintenance free
FRP Vessel Heron



By changes of resin and reinforcement material, the physicochemical property of FRP containers can be adjusted in order to fulfill the requirements of different media and working conditions. The carrying capacity of containers can be modulated by means of adjusting the thickness, wrapping angle and process Larry structural design of structural sheets, and FRP container or devices with different tension and some certain special performances can be manufactured, which isotropic metal materials can’t achieve.


The high tension and high content of fiber enable the FRP vessel, which specific gravity is 1.8-2.1 kg/m3, to have a much higher intensity than other metal materials such as steel and cast iron


In order to meet the operating requirements of brewage and food industry, food resin may be selected;


FRP is endowed with a special performance of resisting the chemical corrosion and therefore against the unparalleled advantage over the other materials in storing corrosive media including kinds of sour, alkali, salt and oil and organic solvent


The computer controls the winding equipment to achieve ultra-stable performance products.


Composite having complex performances” indicates that FRP vessels can be used in a great deal of fields: storage, transportation, environmental protection, chemical anti-corrosion and brewage and so forth.

FRP Vessel Specification

Model Vessel Size Capability Opening
inch mm Liters Top Bottom
GD-610 6x10 155x260 3.1 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-613 6x13 155x335 4.6 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-618 6x18 155x460 6.6 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-629 6x29 155x740 11.1 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-635 6x35 155x890 13.7 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-813 8x13 205x335 7.7 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-817 8x17 205x438 10.9 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-835 8x35 205x890 25 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-844 8x44 205x1130 32.1 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1035 10x35 255x905 38.4 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1044 10x44 255x1130 49.5 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1054 10x54 255x1380 63.3 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1248 12x48 300x1225 78.9 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1252 12x52 300x1340 85.8 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1265 12x65 300x1650 105.3 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1354 13x54 335x1398 104.5 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1465 14x65 355x1650 145.1 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1665/2.5" 16x65 400x1670 183 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1665/4" 16x65 400x1670 183 2.5"-NPSM /
GD-1865/4" 18x65 450x1670 253 4"-8UN /
GD-2169/4" 21x69 530x1750 316 4"-8UN /
GD-2169/4"-4" 21x69 530x1590 316 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
GD-2472/4" 24x72 600x1850 415 4"-8UN /
GD-2472/4"-4" 24x72 600x1850 415 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
GD-2487/4"-4" 24x87 600x2200 510 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
GD-3072/4" 30x72 750x1850 640 4"-8UN /
GD-3072/4"-4" 30x72 750x1850 640 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
GD-3087/4"-4" 30x87 750x2200 782 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
GD-3672/4"-4" 36x72 900x1850 850 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
GD-3694/6"F-6"F 36x94 900x2400 1205 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-4072/4" 40x72 1000x1850 1050 4"-8UN /
GD-4072/4"-4" 40x72 1000x1850 1050 4"-8UN 4"-8UN
GD-4272/6"F-6"F 42x72 1070x1850 1100 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-4094/6"F-6"F 40x94 1000x2400 1370 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-4294/6"F-6"F 42x94 1070x2400 1465 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-4872/6"F-6"F 48x72 1200x1850 1308 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-4894/6"F-6"F 48x94 1200x2400 1909 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-6094/6"F-6"F 60x94 1500x2400 2688 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-6383/6"F-6"F 63x83 1600x2100 2580 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-6394/6"F-6"F 63x94 1600x2400 3150 6"-flange 6"-flange
GD-7294/6"F-6"F 72x94 1800x2400 3950 6"-flange 6"-flange