Genesol 40 - Alkaline Cleaner

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: pale liquid

pH as supplied: > 13.0

Specific gravity: 1.12 - 1.24

Freezing point: -0°C

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Genesol 38 - Acidic Membrane Cleaner

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: colourless liquid

pH as supplied: 3.5 – 4.0

Specific gravity: 1.17 - 1.20

Freezing point: - 0°C

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Genesol UF 2

Acidic U.F. Membrane Cleaner Removes Metal Oxides and Inorganic Scales "Genesol UF 2 is a low foaming, multicomponent, acidic, UF membrane cleaner formulated with Osmotic Action to remove carbonate...

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Genesol 80

Membrane Cleaner – targets biofilm Genesol 80 is a membrane cleaner for use in reverse osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane systems. Genesol 80 targets biofilm which pre...

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Genesol UF FE

Oxalic acid based U.F. Membrane Cleaner Removes Iron and Manganese Deposits Genesol UF Fe is a low pH cleaner formulated to remove Iron and Manganese fouling from Ultra-filtration membranes, especial...

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Genesol UF 12

Alkaline Effervescent U.F. Membrane Cleaner Removes Biofilm and Organic fouling Genesol UF12 is an effervescent, alkaline, detergent, U.F. Membrane cleaner formulated with osmotic action to remove di...

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Genesol 32

Biocidal Cleaner/Preservative Genesol 32 is a broad spectrum biocide for use in cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration systems. It can be used both on and off-line to eliminate microbiological...

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Genesol 30 - Membrane Biocide

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: pale amber liquid

pH as supplied: 1.5 – 5.0

Specific gravity: 1.20 - 1.30

Freezing point: - 50°C

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Genefloc ABF

Combined Algaecide, Biocide & Flocculant Genefloc ABF is designed to act as a combined biocide and flocculant, reducing the effects of colloids, bacteria and alga on membrane systems. It is a low mo...

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Genesys LF - Broad Spectrum Antiscalant and Antifoulant

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: straw coloured liquid

pH as supplied: 9.8 - 10.2

Specific gravity: 1.34 - 1.37

Freezing point: -15°C

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Genesys LS - Antiscalant for Sea Water

Brand: Genesys

Appearance: pale coloured liquid

pH as supplied: 9.7 – 10.3

Specific gravity: 1.08 – 1.11

Freezing point: -2ºC

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Explore The Best Reverse Osmosis RO Chemicals for the Industry

Green Dot Limited emerges as the trusted supplier of premium reverse osmosis RO chemicals and RO Antiscalant, specially crafted for industrial applications. With a focus on delivering high-quality solutions, Green Dot Limited stands out as a reliable partner for efficient water treatment processes in Bangladesh.

Specialized RO Antiscalant Formulations:

Green Dot Limited specializes in providing RO chemicals meticulously formulated to tackle the specific challenges encountered by industrial RO systems. These challenges include scaling, fouling, and the need for effective membrane cleaning. The tailored chemical solutions offered by Green Dot Limited are designed to address these issues effectively.

Comprehensive Product Range:

Whether you require antiscalant chemicals to prevent scaling, membrane cleaning chemicals for efficient maintenance, or performance enhancers to optimize your RO system, Green Dot Limited offers a comprehensive range of RO chemicals. The diverse product lineup ensures that clients have access to the right solutions tailored to their unique industrial RO system requirements.

Enhancing RO System Performance:

Green Dot Limited's RO chemicals are engineered to deliver optimal performance and ensure the longevity of industrial RO systems. By preventing scaling and fouling, these chemicals contribute to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of industrial processes.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is a cornerstone of Green Dot Limited's commitment. The RO Antiscalant provided undergoes stringent quality control measures to meet the highest industry standards. Clients can trust that the chemicals supplied by Green Dot Limited are of superior quality, offering reliable and consistent performance.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Green Dot Limited understands the importance of cost-effectiveness in industrial operations. The carefully formulated RO chemicals not only contribute to the efficient functioning of RO systems but also ensure that clients achieve operational cost savings over time.

Reliability and Trust:

With a reputation for reliability, Green Dot Limited establishes itself as a trustworthy partner for all industrial RO Antiscalant needs. Clients can rely on the company's expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch products and services.

Connecting with Green Dot Limited:

For industrial entities seeking to enhance the efficiency and performance of their RO systems in Bangladesh, Green Dot Limited stands ready as the go-to partner. Contact Green Dot Limited today to explore how their premium RO chemicals can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your industrial processes. Green Dot Limited is dedicated to ensuring that your industrial RO system operates at peak performance, contributing to the success of your operations. Green Dot Limited offers the best reverse osmosis RO chemicals for Industry. Trust us as your reliable supplier of RO chemicals.

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