Sea Water Elements

Green Dot Limited offer wide range of first-rate Reverse Osmosis Membrane for Sea Water Treatment Purpose. We focus on high active membrane area and highest Salt Rejection at economy cost. The main be...

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Brackish Water RO Membrane

Brackish Water RO Membrane is mostly suitable for higher TDS Water. Brack water or Brackish water, we can defined as water with a level of TDS ( Total dissolve solid) between sweet water and saline wa...

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Low Pressure

The growing family of LOW RO elements continue to meet the ever-increasing demands of the water treatment industry. Users worldwide have made LOW their first choice for high productivity and salt reje...

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Low Fouling Membrane Elements

Low Fouling Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element is build with Fouling protected technology. This kind of Reverse Osmosis Membrane can clean easily. Fouling is a terrible issue for RO Membrane. Most of me...

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Nanofiltration Elements

Nano Filter is a filtration process like other which is main used treatment for drinking water process, like water softener, removing color etc. But in industrial process nanofilter is used for specif...

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Green Dot Limited is your trusted provider of the best Oltremare membrane solutions in Bangladesh. Our expertise in membrane filtration technology allows us to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for a wide range of applications, particularly in water treatment and more. With Oltremare membranes, you can expect exceptional performance and outstanding filtration capabilities. Whether you require reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, or nanofiltration membranes, we have the right solution for you. Our Oltremare membranes are designed to ensure superior filtration and purification, delivering clean and safe water. Count on Green Dot Limited to provide you with high-quality Oltremare membranes that meet your specific needs. Experience reliable and sustainable membrane filtration solutions in Bangladesh with us. Contact us today to explore how our Oltremare membranes can optimize your water treatment processes and more.

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