Pure water is one of the essential necessities of life especially for our beloved infants and babies. The very first thing to keep in mind is to drink water that is boiled and filtered. Do not use tap water as it isn’t potable (safe for drinking or using for other purpose. Drinking pure water promotes healthy skin, aids digestion of your child.

Benefits of Filter Water:

  • Bath them as often as you like without drying out their skin
  • Super soft on their skin
  • Softer clothes, towels, reusable nappies and more
  • Helps keep skin conditions under control
  • Water so pure that babies can drink it
  • Protecting the environment and their future

Bathing and Washing Your Baby in Pure Water:

Most babies love being in the water. Giving them a warm bath every day can be a real highlight for everyone involved. The warm water relaxes and soothes your baby. In the raw water without any filtration seems a  little bit hard which dries out their skin and can damage it. Not only does hard water dry out your baby’s skin, but also yours too.

It is not just at bath-time it is vitally important to wash your baby between baths too – they will need their faces gently cleaned on a regular basis and their bottoms cleaned when you change their nappy. Ordinarily, you would have to boil the water before washing your baby’s face. This is no longer necessary with pure water, saving you time when you have little to spare.

Soft Water is Good for Skin Conditions in Infants

If your baby has eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or cradle cap it is important to do all you can to not exacerbate the condition. Using softened and purified water is one way that you can have a positive impact on their skin.

Eczema can be extremely distressing in babies because they find it near impossible not to scratch. It is horrible as a parent to feel helpless as this lead to infections and causes your baby to be in pain. In some cases eczema can be so bad that it disturbs your child's sleep too.

Anything that dries your child’s skin out will make the eczema worse. It’s important to prevent flare-ups by moisturizing the skin and taking steps to stop it drying out

Laundry and Babies

Pure water allows you to wash your baby’s clothes, blankets, bibs, towels, flannels, muslin and cloth nappies (the list goes on and on) as much as needed without them losing their softness and becoming scratchy and irritating to your baby’s skin. They will also keep their vibrant colours for longer.

A general but fantastic benefit of using pure water is that your washing machine, along with all other appliances that come in contact with water, will last much longer. There is no more lime scale deposits damaging the internal components of your expensive appliances. You also need to use less washing powder.

Drinking Water and Babies

When you make formula, you need to boil your tap water or bottled water.  Even when they reach 6 months and are able to have water from the tap that has not been boiled, you should think seriously about what is in your tap water. Tap water in the Bangladesh can contain chlorine, arsenic, fluorine compounds and nitrate. Drinking contaminated water is the number one cause of illness and with the rise in the number of cases of diseases like diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid. A research report says over 2100 known toxins that may be present in the tap water in Bangladesh.

Cooking with Pure Water for your Baby

When your child moves onto solids, you will also benefit if you cook with pure water. It helps make their food taste good. You can also use pure water to wash pieces of fruit and vegetable without worry.

Blue Baby Syndrome and Nitrates

Methaemoglobinaemia or ‘blue baby syndrome’ as it is more commonly known is when your baby’s blood is unable to transport the necessary amounts of oxygen around their body. One of the most common causes of blue baby syndrome is high levels of nitrates in their drinking water. You can prevent ‘blue baby syndrome’ by making sure that nitrate levels in your water are safe producing from our systems.

Protecting The Environment and Your Baby's Future

We pride ourselves on providing the purest water whilst protecting the environment.  Now more than ever, we need to do all we can to protect the planet so that our children have a future. We do everything we can to reduce the environmental impact by installing one of our water purification systems.

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