Economy Series Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh

Water is used by every cell in your body. Water circulates through your body, carrying nutrients, oxygen, and waste to and from cells and organs. Traditional methods are incapable of removing all dangerous substances from water. Water purifiers help to remove potentially harmful contaminants from drinking water. This article will help you choose the best water purifier for your home. Green Dot Limited offers the most affordable economy series water purifiers in Bangladesh, and we can help you choose the best water filter for your home!

Defining Water Purification

The process of removing unwanted chemicals, biological pollutants, suspended particles, and gases from water is known as water purification.

Water is cleaned and disinfected before it is used for human consumption (drinking water), but it also has medicinal, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial applications. Water has been cleaned in a variety of ways throughout history.

Physical procedures include filtration, sedimentation, and distillation; biological processes include slow sand filters or biologically active carbon; chemical processes include flocculation and chlorination; and electromagnetic radiation, such as ultraviolet light, is used electromagnetically.

What is a Water Purifier?

A water filter purifies water by removing sediment and contaminants, making it safe to drink and use for bathing, cooking, and dishwashing. Water filters typically use a combination of different types of carbon media to collect contaminants and prevent them from polluting your water and reaching places like your kitchen sink. Purifiers and filters have the same function: they remove contaminants from water. Water purifiers, on the other hand, remove minerals and biological impurities from the water. This is accomplished using a variety of purification methods, including:

  • UV Shielding
  • Distillation
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)

What are the Types of Water Purifiers Available in Bangladesh?

There are numerous types of water filters available on the market. The price varies according to the quality and brand. Green Dot Ltd categorizes water filters into several types based on the processes used to purify the water:

Activated Carbon Water Purifier 

Activated carbon is a type of carbon that has been broken down into small pieces (coal, coconut shells, nutshells, and wood). A common source of activated carbon is charcoal. The vast majority of pesticides and heavy metals that cause illness in water are removed by activated carbon. Activated carbon filters out the chemicals that make water taste and smell bad. The most effective method for removing chlorine from water is to use activated carbon.

UV Water Purifier

UV (ultraviolet) water filtration has long been used to remove pathogens, germs, and cysts from water. This procedure is environmentally friendly because no chemicals were used during the purification process. A UV water purifier consists of a UV light tube through which clean water must pass. Bacteria and viruses are killed and rendered inert when exposed to UV radiation in running water. Dead body germs remain in the water, but they are no longer harmful.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers use a semipermeable membrane to filter water. A water pump presses raw hard water through the RO membrane, allowing it to pass through. Dissolved solids such as arsenic, fluoride, lead, chlorine, nitrates, and sulfates are captured and stuck to the RO membrane during this process, resulting in clean water.

Ultrafiltration (UF) Water Purifier

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a type of water purification that employs hollow fibers in a membrane comprised of a thin layer of material capable of separating water from other particles. Water passes through the UF membrane, capturing and retaining suspended particles, germs, and viruses.

Economy Series Water Purifier Price in Bangladesh

Green Dot Limited is Bangladesh's best water filter company, selling water filters from various brands. Prices and features may vary according to brand. Here are some of the economy series water purifiers in Bangladesh:

1. Wall Mount Pro-7 RO Water Purifier

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Heron Pro-7 is a beautiful model of water purifier with Reverse Osmosis Technology. It is wall-mounted and equipped with a Digital Touch Button. The HERON PRO 7 has a reserve capacity of 6 liters and can provide enough pure water for a family. This water purifier will provide clean drinking water. Its origin is China, but the membrane is from the United States. So, trust HERON and stay safe.

2. Counter Top Lanshan RO Water Purifier

Lanshan Counter Top Water Purifier

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Lanshan RO Water Purifier is designed to ensure optimal mineral and pH levels in your drinking water system. Lanshan RO water Purifier makes use of the unique properties of a semi-permeable membrane to allow fluid to pass while restricting dissolved ionic material flow. With pressure applied to impure water on the side of such membrane materials, pure water will pass through, leaving the majority of the impurities behind. Both molecular weight and ionic charge influence the rejection of dissolved ionic material.


3. Aqua Pro RO Water Purifier

Aqua Pro Water Purifier

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Customers in Bangladesh rely on the Aqua Pro brand for low-cost water purifiers. The most recent and updated model is the Aqua Pro A6. Aqua Pro A6 is a six-stage RO water purifier with an alkaline filter to maintain water pH stability. The Aqua Pro A6 is a professional RO water filter with a perfect PH balance. Despite its Chinese origins, Membrane Technology was created in the United States.

4. Five Stages Eco Fresh RO Water Purifier

5 Stage Eco Fresh Water Purifier

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An open model with a 3.2G pressure tank, the Eco Fresh RO Water Purifier. Quality, quantity, dependability, and cost are four critical factors that can be used to assess the state of drinking water supply. Human health and well-being are dependent on the availability of safe drinking water and the efficient disposal of bodily waste. Eco Fresh is a reputable brand on which you can rely to provide enough pure water for your family.

All of these water purifiers are available at highly affordable prices on Green Dot Limited! Visit their website to know more about the prices.

Why You Should Purchase Water Purifiers from Green Dot Limited

Invest in the best economy series water purifiers available in Bangladesh because your health and well-being are at stake! If you are unsure about which water purifier to buy for your home, Green Dot Ltd is always willing to help.

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