How To Remineralize Ro Water

The reverse of the naturally occurring method of osmosis can be termed as RO grade water or type III water. It is a water purification method that uses a partially permeable membrane in order to separate ions and objectionable molecules from drinking water. This can remove various types of dissolved and suspended chemical species also the biological ones from water.

It is used in the production of both potable water and industrial processes. This very process is generally known for removing salt and other effluent substances from the water molecules. Since this purification process knows how to remove even the minutest impurities from water it is said to be one of the most popular and promising methods of water purification.

How Reverse Osmosis Affect Water?

The natural source of various chemicals, minerals and salts is water and these substances can be both harmful and beneficial. The harmful elements are arsenic, lead, chlorine etc. The water may have been contaminated by organic matter and sediments.

The good elements are calcium, sodium, zinc and so on. But there is no way for reverse osmosis process to distinguish between the harmful and beneficial elements. As such about 99.95% of all elements present in water are removed.

Except those molecules that are tiny enough to go through the membrane along with water are retained.

Methods To Remineralize Reverse Osmosis Water

As there is negative effect of using RO water, we can remineralize it to make it beneficial. The motive to remineralize RO water is to add back some of the nutrients which have been removed. We can remineralize RO water in various ways. They can be by adding Himalayan salt, adding a mineral filter to your RO system, adding green powder and so on. A few of them are described below –

Himalayan Salt

Adding of Himalayan salt is an effective and cheap method of adding minerals in order to remineralize water. It is a sea salt packed with all 84 trace minerals. It will not make the water taste salty.

Remineralization Filter

We can add a remineralization  filter to our RO system this shall increase alkalinity and result in making the water taste better. This even helps in decreasing blood sugar levels, making less prone to allergic reactions and providing increased energy. It is the costliest as well as the most convenient way ti remineralize RO water.

Alkaline Water Pitcher

It is a container which includes a filter that restores healthy minerals to our drinking water. This filter cartridge needs to replaced regularly after every 1.5 to 2 months approximately. When water starts to taste different then its time to install a new filter.

Green Powder

It comprises a blend of dried fruits and vegetables and is found in tins and can bs directly added to drinking water, tea or food. This mixture shall top up the removed vitamins and minerals during RO process.

Mineral drops for water

It is one of the easiest solutions to remineralize RO water. This works just by adding a few drops of mineral to water.

Alter RO water pH level with a filter

A pH balancing filter can be added to the most  models without needing to replace the whole system. Some minerals are added back after the water is filtered just the amount depends on the flow rate, existing pH level of water and water temperature.

Health Consequences of RO Water

Taking water from Water Purifier

A reduction in intake of minerals can have extreme and even potentially lethal health adversities :

  1. Mucous membranes in intestines can be damaged.
  2. Hypertension
  3. Fatigue
  4. Heart palpitation
  5. Kidney disease
  6. Brittle bones
  7. Cramps
  8. Digestive problems
  9. Blood formation problems

Why RO Water Has To Be Remineralized?

  • Some people do not like the taste of pure water and hence remineralizing can help to gwt sone of the familiar taste back
  • Since pure water dissolves some carbondioxide from atmosphere it will not remain pure for long. It gets slightly acidic when carbondioxide dissolves and the pH falls. Adding minerals to the water can raise it pH level and you can get alkaline water to drink.
  • Most diets are sadly in deficient of minerals and in this regard water can supplement the mineral shortage from food.

Points to mind

Demineralized water absorbs the mineral present in food which is why RO water cannot be used for cooking. RO water is even less hydrating than untreated water as they do not have any electrolytes. According to WHO, low mineral drinking water produced by RO is not right for long term human consumption and indeed can create severe health adversities to those who take it. RO filtration process is used by some of the huge bottle water companies so bottled water can be RO water such as Aquafina, Nestle. RO water is best for plants that have issues with plants growth and diseases.


RO water is not mandatorily bad as in some cases its really needed to use reverse osmosis filter to be susceptible to waterborne diseases. Its pure water and not unhealthy in itself. A thorough balance should be maintained between pure and remineralized water.

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