Ozone Generator How It Works

Indoor pollution and odors are being addressed with ozone generators, which are being advertised as a cost-effective solution. Ozone, on the other hand, has been related to a number of health issues. As a result, selecting the best and safest ozone generator for your house is critical. Some of these generators also have the ability to purify water. Green Dot Ltd has a wide range of ozone generators to choose from. This article will explain what an ozone generator is and how it works in the simplest possible way!

Defining an Ozone Generator

An ozone generator is a device that creates the gas ozone. Although ozone is effective in water treatment, large amounts of ozone in the air are necessary to remove contaminants.
Experts urge that conditions be kept under control so that no one, including pets, is exposed to dangerously high ozone levels. Ozone masks the odor of some contaminants by influencing a person's sense of smell.
In addition, ozone does not kill bacteria or mold in materials such as air conditioning duct lining or ceiling tiles.

How an Ozone Generator Works

How Ozone Generator works

One of the most common ways to "clean" air and remove strong odors is to use an ozone air generator, often known as ozone machines or ozone air purifiers. To make ozone, these machines use a simple mechanism that occurs naturally in the environment. But just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it's good for you.

Because ozone is so reactive, it's nearly hard to store it for any length of time, at least with today's technology and expertise. As a result, it must be manufactured on-site using high-tech machines.

Ozone air purifiers extract oxygen (O2) from the air and electrically charge it. As a result of the electrical charge, the oxygen molecules are able to rearrange themselves, generating O3, the well-known ozone.

The equipment is presently releasing ozone into the atmosphere. When the third oxygen molecule comes into touch with pollutant molecules like mold or smoke, it binds itself to the pollutant molecules and effectively eliminates them.

Bacteria, fungi, pathogens, odors, and other pollutants bind to O3, which destroys the cell wall at the molecular level. In this procedure, the pollutant is eliminated while the ozone is transformed back to oxygen. Ozone generators are very good for eradicating mold, cleaning odors, and minimizing the smell of smoke.

The Purpose of Ozone Generators

Here are some examples of how you can use an ozone generator:

• Quickly degrades pesticides in fruits and vegetables.
• Smells such as smoke, pets, and animals, as well as cooking, mold, mildew, and other odors, can all be eliminated.
• Cleans and freshens the air in hotel and motel rooms, autos, and cars.
• Food can be disinfected and kept fresh for longer in the refrigerator.
• Removes hormones, other chemicals, as well as fishy odors and viruses, from meat.
• Acts as women's skincare and facials, removing pore filth and bacteria, as well as preventing freckles.

Some Ozone Generators Available in Bangladesh

Many stylish and reasonable ozone generators may be found at Green Dot Ltd, such as –

• Vertical Ozone Generator: This vertical ozone generator is intended to be portable. The stainless-steel fuselage is corrosion and oxidation-resistant. Ensures ensuring the environment is disinfected, drinking water is sterilized, and products are sterilized, among other things. The tube has a high conversion efficiency, low energy usage, continuous operation, and long service life.
• Portable Ozone Generator: Portable Ozone Generator is multifunctional, as it can purify both air and water. The design is light and compact, and the technology used is corona discharge. Ensures a high ozone emission level and a long service life. A user-friendly and transportable design.
• Ceramic Plate Ozone Generator: A long-lasting ceramic plate and a 16-sequence microprocessor timer are included. It's made to be lightweight and portable. Ceramic Plate Ozone Generator features over-heat, over-voltage, and interior fan cooling, and it's made of high-grade stainless steel.

Safety Measures Required While Using Ozone Generators at Home

Safty of Ozone Generator

The usage of ozone generators should be done with precaution. Although they are deemed safe in industrial and medical settings where high safety requirements must be followed, they are dangerous to human health when used at home.

• Using ozone generators in an empty area is the safest option. Make sure there are no humans or animals in the house and that all indoor plants have been removed before putting on the ozone machine. Follow the manufacturer's directions for using the ozone generator.
• In some cases, ozone devices can be used safely at home in low concentrations and safe levels. This includes lesser duties like clearing cigarette smoke, purifying the air for breathing, and removing smoke from cooking. Such a location can still be occupied while the equipment is in use. This is not practical, however, when a high ozone concentration is necessary, such as to eliminate mold in the home. Experts also warn against utilizing ozone devices in crowded areas, regardless of concentration.
• Another safety precaution to consider while using an ozone generator is to cover or remove valuable items before turning them on. To keep the equipment usable and safe, perform periodic maintenance such as cleaning the collecting plate every 2–6 months.
• Avoid running the generator in a humid environment if at all possible. Moisture could be causing arcing inside the ozone machine.
The manufacturer's standards define how long an ozone generator must operate. It can take anything from 3 to 10 hours, depending on the size of the space. If you're disinfecting an entire house, it'll take around 30 hours of continuous ozone generation to get rid of all the pollutants.


Ozone generators could be useful in the home for cleansing the air and water. Many experts, on the other hand, have slammed these gadgets, citing numerous scientific studies that suggest they can be harmful to one's health and are ineffective at removing airborne contaminants.

As a result, you'll want to buy an ozone generator from a reliable store. Green Dot Ltd is here to assist you in choosing the best ozone generator for your needs! You can conduct your research online and choose the best product from the options offered.