Vaccuum Truck Suppliers In Bangladesh

Purpose of a Vacuum Truck

Cities frequently use vacuum trucks, also referred as vacuum tankers, to deal with large-scale liquid and sludge clean-up, most notably in drainage and septic system management. They can also be used to extract water and debris from hydro-excavation or digging projects in municipal and industrial wastewater contexts.

How It Works

A vacuum truck functions in the same way that a regular vacuum machine does. The air in the holding tank is removed by a strong pump, creating a vacuum inside. By activating the primary and secondary shutdown valves on suction hoses, the tank is forced to try to maintain the pressure inside, allowing the truck to suck up liquids and sludge. Suction force and the capacity to perform difficult chores are associated with the quality of both the apparatus and the strength of the pump, just as they are with a household vacuum.

Types of vacuum tankers

Liquid vacuum trucks

Liquid suction trucks are used to pump liquids in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. This vacuum truck is capable of pumping fluids from sewer systems, oil/water filters, drainage channels, oil spills, and a variety of other locations.

Combination vacuum trucks

Combination vacuums can carry out suction on both wet and dry debris, as the name implies. They may be powered by a hydrostatic drive. Combination units may typically convert between dry and wet networks, giving them a great deal of flexibility.

These vehicles are an ideal choice for circumstances where moist items must be removed. Cleaning of the following items is an example of an application:

  • Storm Drains
  • Sewer Lines
  • Catch Basins
  • Settling Ponds
  • Drainage Ditches

Industrial vacuum loaders

The industrial vacuum movers are quite adaptable, and they are especially useful when working on dry or sandy ground. These trucks work by using positive displacement blowers to steer air and excavate a variety of different materials. Industrial vacuum trucks also have a special filtering system that allows them to be used in situations where there is a lot of shrapnel or flying particles and ashes, such as in furnaces. As a result, industrial vacuum vehicles are an excellent choice for a wide range of tasks in the chemical and production industries.

Vacuum truck suppliers in Bangladesh

DAE Pumps

Slurry pumps and dredging equipment for moving materials and liquids are manufactured by DAE Pumps. DAE Pumps provides a wide range of industries with high-quality pumps and dredging equipment to meet their individual requirements.

Transcend Cleantec Pvt. Ltd.

Transcend Cleantec Pvt. Ltd became the provider of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective waste 'water management' solutions. They provide goods that are created and engineered for water pumping equipment that is both reliable and efficient.

Lenntech Water Treatment

Lenntech Water Treatment Solutions, founded in 1993, is a design and production firm based close to the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. Water treatment technologies from Lenntech are creative and long-lasting.

Vacutrux Limited

The Vacutrux line of products has grown over time to become some of the best vacuum servicing equipment available. They manufacture vacuum trucks for non-hazardous fluids and semi-solids processing and transportation. The trucks come with powerful vacuum pumps, outstanding design and technology, and ease of operation and maintenance are all available in sizes to suit your needs.


They specialize in the production of heavy-duty trucks and trailers. RAC-Germany specializes in custom-made manufacturing to fulfill your extremely precise and unique needs. Our clients engage in oil and gas exploration, mining, large building sites, and transportation and logistics. They run distilleries, sugar and cement plants, and agricultural plantations, among other things.


ECOMAT is a global leader in the design and manufacture of portable devices and facilities for the handling, transportation, and purification of industrial and municipal waste. ECOMAT develops and manufactures solutions for the filtration, flotation, and physical-chemical treatments of industrial wastewater.

Field Specialties Inc.

FSI Industrial Degassing Field Specialties, Inc. employs proprietary technology and techniques to handle elevated levels of vapors from storage tanks, vacuum truck emissions, pipes, submersible pumps, ships, marine boats, and earth & groundwater flare reduction and cogeneration.

They also offer significant breakthroughs in the removal of toxic heavy dirt with little or no sludge, as well as VOC Vapor Destruction without any usage of carbon.

Vacuum Trucks Can Be Life-Savers!

Vacuum trucks have even been called in to aid emergency personnel with rescue efforts. Vacuum tankers can immediately suction any sludge or soil from the accident site when tragedy strikes and pits or trenches collapse on workers.

These trucks can come in handy during rescue missions and natural calamities. Vacuum trucks are vital for promptly removing and storing toxic materials or oil spills, which prevents the materials from damaging the natural environment or invading local waterways.

Parts Of A Vacuum Truck

There are 16 parts to a vacuum truck.

  1. The tank can – this is the cylindrical body usually made of steel or stainless steel.
  1. Tank head – bottom cap of the tank body, made of steel or stainless steel.
  1. Discharge port – a pipe (ranging from 3-6 inches) attached to a lever or valve
  1. Inlet port – smaller pipe ranging from 2-6 inches. This is smaller to ensure a pathway of any large debris.
  1. Sight eyes – used to monitor the load level of the tank
  1. Vacuum/pressure gauge – indicating the pressure level of the vacuum and inside the tank
  1. Portal – used for cleaning, typically placed at the top or bottom of the body tank
  1. Vacuum relief valve – regulates the maximum vacuum strength of the tank and allows air circulation to have a cooling effect on the vacuum pump.
  1. Pressure relief valve – regulates maximum pressure level to reduce long term risk factors that can be damaging to the tank, causing the tank to collapse
  1. Primary shut off - attached to the vacuum pump, stops the contents in the tank from interfering with the pumps
  1. Float ball – indicates when the tank is full, by floating on top of the tank.
  1. Ball seat – creates the seal to ensure no spillage when the tank is full
  1. Secondary shutoff – additional component to do the same job as the primary shutoff
  1. Vacuum pump – creates a vacuum in the tank
  1. Oil separator – reduces the noise created by pumps and prevents oil from spilling out of the exhaust

Tank rails – act as a support to the bottom part of the tank

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