Water Purifier Side Effects

Water is essential for human survival, as is the body's ability to regulate temperature and conduct other basic tasks. Every cell, organ, and tissue in the body contains it. In today's world, water plays a crucial part in promoting better health. Traditional methods will not be able to remove all harmful substances from water. Water purifiers help remove harmful contaminants from the water you consume. The side effects of a water purifier will be discussed in this article. Green Dot Ltd can help you figure out which water filter is right for you!

What is Water Purification?

Water purification is the process of eliminating undesired chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended particles, and gases from water.
The idea is to provide water that can be used in a number of different ways. Water is cleansed and purified for human consumption, but it can also be used for medicinal, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial reasons. Throughout history, water has been purified in a variety of methods.
Filtration, sedimentation, and distillation are physical procedures; slow sand filters or biologically active carbon are biological processes; flocculation and chlorination are chemical processes; and electromagnetic radiation, such as ultraviolet light, is used electromagnetically.

What is a Water Purifier?

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A water filter removes sediment and pollutants from water, making it safer to drink and use for bathing, cooking, and dishwashing. Water filters typically use a combination of several types of carbon media to collect impurities and keep them from polluting your water and making their way to locations like your kitchen sink. Purifiers and filters have the same purpose: to remove pollutants from water. Water purifiers, on the other hand, go a step further by removing minerals and biological pollutants from the water. A multitude of purification procedures are used to achieve this:
• Use of UV light
• Distillation
Reverse osmosis (RO)

How Does a Water Purifier Work?

How dose Water Purifier work

Water filters and purifiers both operate on the same mechanical mechanism. They take up polluted raw water, filter out contaminants such as sediments and microorganisms, and then deliver clean water. There is one significant distinction between the two, however: a purifier can eliminate viruses and germs that filters cannot. To eliminate or catch viruses, some purifiers utilize chemicals, while others use an electrostatic charge.

The polluted tap water travels through a narrow semipermeable membrane during RO filtration. So that the salt ions do not pass through with the water molecules, the membrane is less than or equal to one millimeter thick. During the reverse osmosis process, harmful elements including lead, mercury, chromium, and others are removed. However, in addition to hazardous chemicals, it filters 92-99 percent of important minerals such as calcium and potassium.

Water Purifier Side Effects

While water purifiers are some of the most useful home appliances, there are also some side effects of using them –

• The water is demineralized: Drinking demineralized water carries a number of health hazards. GI disorders, bone density troubles, joint conditions, and cardiovascular disease are just a few of the dangers.

• R.O. water is unhealthy: Because minerals are removed, the water turns acidic (often well below 7.0 pH). Drinking acidic water will not aid in the maintenance of a healthy blood pH balance, which should be slightly alkaline.

Water purification techniques such as reverse osmosis (RO) are widely used. Many homes prefer personal water purifiers over the RO water purifiers sold by aqua businesses. Of course, a RO system eliminates contaminants from the water. However, they also eliminate 92-99 percent of the calcium and magnesium that our bodies need

When consumed, RO water that is deficient in minerals leaches minerals from the body. This means that the minerals and vitamins taken in meals are urinated away. Fewer minerals consumed combined with more minerals expelled result in substantial negative side effects and major health issues.

• Limitations of Water Purifiers: It doesn't remove volatile organic compounds, chlorine and chloramines, medicines, or a variety of other synthetic chemicals commonly found in municipal water. However, drinking filtered water is better for your health than drinking unfiltered water.

Health Complications Caused by Water Purifiers

Health Complications Caused

The electrolytes dissolved in the body fluids are diluted when RO water is consumed. The operation of important organs may be jeopardized by insufficient bodily water redistribution between compartments. Tiredness, weakness, and headache are common side effects at the start of this syndrome; more severe symptoms include muscular cramps and a slowed heart rate. Long-term drinking of acidic filtered water devoid of critical minerals produced by RO filters is hazardous to one's health.

Recent research suggests that RO water may increase the risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, goiter, pregnancy difficulties, and a variety of complications in newborns and babies, including jaundice, anemia, fractures, and growth disorders.

Mineral imbalances in our bodies have a negative impact on hormone secretion, kidney function, bone density, heart disease, and so on. Case studies have shown that drinking water with low mineral content increases the risk of cardiovascular illness, chronic kidney disease, pediatric fractures, neurological diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, preterm delivery, unexpected deaths, and pregnancy complications, among other things.

Minerals and micronutrients in water are absorbed faster by our bodies than those in food. As a result, a lack of necessary nutrients can lead to issues such as high blood pressure (from magnesium and potassium insufficiency), brittle bones (from calcium deficiency), and even interference with blood formation (iron deficiency).
Despite many side effects, water purifiers are undoubtedly a wonder of modern science and incredibly useful to society.


Water purifiers are a must-have in any home. As a result, you need always be cautious when purchasing one. Before you buy a water filter, think about its quality and performance. Green Dot Ltd offers a diverse selection of brands and models.

Before making a decision, do some research and read some online reviews. Invest in the greatest water filter available since your health and well-being are on the line! If you're undecided about which water purifier to buy for your home, Green Dot Ltd is always willing to help.

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