When To Change Water Filter Cartridge?

Water filter cartridge ; is a tubular filtration equipment which is used in various industries for an array of filtration requirements. It is exposed to water, liquid or any solvent that requires filtration as it flows inside the housing and goes through the filter element.

They contain filter media in order to capture and retain substances in water purification and filtration methods. An ample range of options as in activated carbon cartridges, sediment cartridges, pleated filter cartridges and so on can meet the required filtration needs.


Most common domestic filter has GAC ; Granular Activated Carbon that reduces objectionable odor and taste through absorption. And more costly filters use carbon block elements that are usually more effective and carry a micron rating for the removal of particles. Instead of getting a new one when its time to change the cartridge we can just clean and reuse it


The systems of water filtration have become more complicated and efficient than the past ones. Generally it can be seen that there are three to five separate filtration chambers in a single filter system. Incase of multi stage filtration, various kinds of filter cartridges are used in each canister. Each of these filter shall remove a specific type of compound from the water and which will result in a thoroughly purified drinking water.

A few of them remove sediment and particles, some filter out chemicals and other may kill bacteria and so on.

Various Filter Cartridges

Types of Filter Cartridge

Now we are going to talk about some various filter cartridges. Let's have a look

Sediment Filter Cartridges

Sediment filters are meant to filter out sand and dirt. Sand, dirt, silt, scale and so on are removed through it. This filter cartridge will not remove bacteria, chemicals, microscopic organisms. It only removes solid particles which are over one micron in size.

Ceramic Filter Cartridges

These are unique filters which are positively charged to attract bacteria towards them. Once they get in contact with the ceramic, the silver infused in the filter give away positively charged metal ions which destroy bacteria. They are more last longing than other type of filters. This only remove bacteria and do not do anything to filter out particles.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cartridges

It is extremely dense making it able to filter out even the minutest particles. These filters are highly effective at removing almost everything from water that includes pesticides, insecticides,  odor, chemicals and foul tastes.

Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

They are made with charcoal and are an affordable way to remove most detrimental toxins from water. Even so they keep the mineral content of water intact. These filters are great at removing VCOS,  chlorine and other chemicals. This filters are not good at removing minerals, salts or sediment.

Ultra Violet Cartridges

Its a lightbulb that stays inside the cannister and destroys bacteria and microorganisms by exposing them to ultra violet ray which destroy their energy. This filters are the best way to kill fungi, cycts, algae and all sorts of virus and bacteria. These bulbs are designed in such a way that they stay on all the time.

The Changing Of A Water Filter Cartridge

Firstly shut off the inlet and outlet valves in order to eliminate system pressure. Secondly place a bucket directly  under filter housing  in order to collect water. Then using a filter wrench to remove the bowl by unscrewing counter clockwise. And remove and discard the used cartridge. Lastly remove O-rings and clean out any lubricant.

Importance of Removing

To ensure that filtered water system continues to work efficiently at removing the contaminants from potable water.

Lifespan of Water Filter Cartridge

A water filter cartridge usually have a lifespan of 6 to 12 months. When the cartridge is not replaced on time or filter becomes clogged then the cartridges become less effective at filtering out toxic elements and chemicals that are present in tap water. Not changing water filter may lead to take water that has chlorine, dust, rust, sediments and so on.

Various factors affect the lifespan of water filters such as water usage, quality of water.

When to Replace Water Filter?

It gets pretty obvious when a water filter cartridge stops working  because water smell or the taste changes. A slimy residue can build up on the filter cartridge which also leads to the replacement  of water filter cartridge.


Water filter cartridges can be called the heart of the water filter system and they individually serve an important role in water filtration  process by filtering out contaminants and chemicals in order to produce fresh tasting water. There exists a vast number of water filter cartridges in order to make your water filtration system work the way you want from sediment filters that remove various particles from your water to ultra violet filters which kill microorganisms.

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