Skill Development Traing  - Green Dot Limited

Program Name: Skill Development

Date: 26 April to 28 April

Time: Morning to evening

Duration: 3 Days


Coordinated by: Engr. Mesbah Uddin (General Manager)

Special guests:

  • Nargis Sultana (Director)
  • Osman Siddique (Executive Director)

Inspiration speech provided by: Imran Ahmed (AGM)

This Skill Development program is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive learning experience over a span of three days, from 26th April to 28th April. The program will run from morning to evening, ensuring ample time for in-depth discussions and practical exercises.

The topics covered during the program include:

1. Project Management: Participants will acquire essential skills and knowledge related to project planning, execution, and control. They will learn about project scope, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, and effective communication within project teams.

2. Behavior: This topic focuses on developing and enhancing professional behavior in the workplace. Participants will learn effective communication techniques, teamwork, conflict resolution, and how to cultivate positive working relationships.

3. Corporate Culture: Understanding the importance of corporate culture in organizations, participants will explore the elements that shape culture and its impact on productivity, employee engagement, and overall success.

4. Government Officer Handling: This segment will provide insights into effectively managing interactions with government officers. Participants will learn about protocols, procedures, and best practices for handling government-related matters and maximizing opportunities.

5. Billing: Participants will gain knowledge about billing processes, including invoicing, payment tracking, and financial record-keeping. They will learn how to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in billing procedures.

6. Store Maintenance: This topic covers strategies and techniques for maintaining a well-organized and efficient store environment. Participants will learn about inventory management, visual merchandising, customer service, and store security.

7. Local Accounts Maintenance: Participants will acquire skills related to maintaining local accounts, including financial record-keeping, budgeting, and compliance with local regulations.

8. Transparency: The importance of transparency in business operations and decision-making will be discussed. Participants will understand how transparency fosters trust, accountability, and ethical practices within organizations.

9. AOB (Any Other Business): This session provides an opportunity for participants to discuss additional topics, raise questions, or seek guidance on specific areas related to their professional development.

The program will be coordinated by Engr. Mesbah Uddin, ensuring smooth operations and effective facilitation of the sessions. The program will also feature special guests, including Nargis Sultana, Director, and Osman Siddique, Executive Director, who will bring their expertise and insights to the discussions.

Imran Ahmed, the AGM, will deliver an inspirational speech to motivate and encourage participants in their skill development journey.

The program will culminate in a training certification and competition ceremony. Participants will be recognized for their achievements and receive certificates of completion. The competition ceremony will celebrate the skills and knowledge gained throughout the program.

This Skill Development program offers a valuable opportunity for participants to enhance their professional skills, expand their knowledge, and network with industry experts. It aims to equip participants with the necessary tools to excel in their respective fields and make a positive impact in their organizations.

Event Info

  • Date

    26 Apr 2023
  • Time

    Morning to evening
  • Duration

    3 Days


  • Name

    Engr. Mesbah Uddin