Rain Water Harvesting | Best Water Treatment Solution in Banglades

What Is Rain Water Harvesting?

Rain Water harvesting is a natural gift by almighty Allah. It is also called rain water collection technology or rainwater treatment system. It is a technology that collect the water at rainy season and store it for daily human use. Rainwater treatment system is epoch-useful decision for the Bangladesh as well as worldwide. Rainwater can be source of our daily water needed.  By proper treatment of collected rain water can use for drinking purpose also. The rainwater those are drinkable, can use for different purpose. Such as irrigation like gardening. Like flush at toilet or car wash. It can also use for launder clothes. And it can also use our daily life. Such as taking shower, washing hand. In dry season it can be great asset as well. So, finally we can summarize Rain Water harvesting is a natural source. And it is collected & storage at rainy season from roof tops, parks, road or from open grounds. And make treatment as require.

Why Is Rainwater Harvesting Necessary?

In recently our climate are changing continuously. As a result, water crisis is one of our major concern. So, we have to think alternative source of water. Since weather becomes unpredictable, so it is the perfect time to think rainwater harvesting. By collecting rain water at rainy season we can use it at dry season. For the point of Environmental factors view, rainwater harvesting is also demandable for individuals to save money. It can capture freely from natural resource. As the environmental engineering companies continue to increase their prices due to population size. So, rainwater harvesting is essential to save our environment.

Recently United Statement of America approve national standards in the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992.  And it has been set minimum effectiveness standards for all toilets flushing, bath, gardening, urinals and faucets manufactured in the United States. The opportunities for inside water maintenance has decreased.  At this time, use of outdoor water effectiveness standards have somewhat been neglected.  Therefore, rainwater harvesting provides a tremendous opportunity to achieve more water conservation gains at each and every residential and commercial property.

The below diagram shows the gains that can be indoor water fixtures through the combination of approximate standards and innovation by fixture establishments. As you can see, we don’t have much more room to go in terms of achieving more efficiency gains with our indoor fixtures. What’s next… the 0.2 gallon per flush toilet? Probably not! This phenomenon is recognized as the law of diminishing returns. So where will the next revolution in water conservation take


What Are The Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting?

  • It is natural source gift by Almighty Allah
  • Rainwater is a comparatively clean than others sources.
  • It is totally free source of water which get from rainfall.
  • It is widely acceptable from point of environmental safety.
  • Rainwater helps self-sufficiency and not require to depend on underground water.
  • Rainwater can use for daily life
  • It can reduce stormwater runoff from homes and businesses
  • For rainwater harvesting uses simple treatment technologies that is cheaper.
  • It is very easy to maintain and less operating cost
  • It can be used in our daily need as a main source of water
  • Rainwater also can keep as a backup source against wells and municipal water
  • Rainwater system is very flexible and can be modular in countryside
  • It can provide an exceptional back-up source of water at dry season or remote areas.

What Are The Uses Of Treated Rainwater?

It is essential to use treated rainwater anywhere you use tap water. It can also use as drinking purpose but treatment procedure will different. We prefer it to use Reverse Osmosis Technology at final stages. Rainwater harvesting is Bangladesh is a technique to green your home and to lessen your environmental footprint.

If we widely think then we can use the treated rainwater in three areas. Such as for Irrigation, indoor non-potable purpose and whole house potable purpose. And if we think the specific purpose of treated rainwater then we may find below fields:

  • Use hand water at our lawn and garden
  • We can use rainwater for irrigation purpose at dry season
  • It can also use sprinkler system
  • Rain water can use for car wash
  • Can use for washing pets
  • Can use for refill fountains at home, office and industry
  • It is much suitable for fish ponds
  • It can also use at swimming pool
  • Can consider as replace the use of tap water with rainwater to wash driveways.
  • It can use for all indoor non-potable fixtures such as, toilets and clothes washer.
  • By using Reverse Osmosis system, it can use for drinking purpose
  • It is more suitable for industrial processes instead of municipally treated water