Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Green Dot Limited is the leader of Wastewater Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant and all kinds of Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. We always reserve modern technology and International Brand in our stock.

Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bangladesh is most essential job to protect our environment. We are pioneer in Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. Green Dot Limited is introducing modern and economical technology in Zero Discharge Plant in Bangladesh, Waste Water Recycle Plant in Bangladesh, Effluent Treatment Plant in Bangladesh and Waste Water Reuse Plant in Bangladesh.

Wastewater reuse is a common practice in developing countries of Asia and Africa and wastewater recycling is common in water scarce regions of the developed countries such as the Australia, Middle East, south west of US, and in regions with severe restrictions on disposal of treated wastewater effluents, such as Florida, coastal or inland areas of France and Italy, and densely populated European countries such as England and Germany. Even in high rainfall countries like Japan, whose mean annual precipitation of 1,714 millimeters (mm), urban wastewater reuse is common due to high population density in some regions, which suffer from water shortages. The developed countries have generated techniques and guidelines for safe reuse of wastewater, which can be adopted by the developing countries.

Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment systems recycle all the discharged liquid simultaneously, ensuring zero effluent or waste water.

We offer state-of-the-art Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment systemsZero Liquid Discharge Plant designed and developed in accordance with the latest market requirements. These fully integrated and automated systems incorporate mechanical vapor compression brine concentrator, forced circulation crystallizer and solids dewatering. These systems employ membrane processes, evaporative processes, or a combination of both the processes to achieve Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment from the plants.

By using wastewater after Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment Plant as a resource rather than a waste product you can:

  • Reduce water bills
  • Use fewer water resources
  • Irrigate the garden during drought or water restrictions
  • Cut down the amount of pollution going into waterways
  • Help save money on new infrastructure for water supplies and wastewater treatment
  • Decrease demand on infrastructure for sewage transport, treatment and disposal, allowing it to work better and last longer.

We build Zero discharge plant for various industries using modern technologies like reverse osmosis, multi – effect evaporation, incineration etc. The basic principle of zero discharge plant is to concentrate the impurities of effluent either by reverse osmosis/ nano – filtration/ evaporation and drying the concentrated effluent in flaker dryer/ spray dryer/ incinerator etc.

The selection of technology based on the type of effluent, available excess steam at the site, cost of treatment and capital cost required for the project.

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