20-Inch-Jumboo Filter Housing

20 Inch Jumboo Housing

20-inch Jumbo Housing with 1-inch inlet outlet is usages for bigger flow. It also call 20 inch big blue housing. This kind of jumbo water filter housing made from 100% food grade PP/ABM material. The general inlet-out is 1inch, but as per requirement it can produce 1-1/2 inch in-out also.  This water treatment big blue filter housing have to use 20” height @ 4.5 dia filter cartridge. This housing has used double O-Ring & red color Air Release option for additional filtration safety. It is commonly use in residential, minim commercial, commercial, industrial, pharmaceuticals and others related industries. Our big jumbo housing is blue body with black cap and have option brass thread in-out. Body of this housing has made with robust design. It can easily handle where contain high pressure water flow. The double O-Ring protect for unexpected leaks. This jumbo blue water filter housing requires big type water filter cartridges. It can be Polypropylene / Granular Activated Carbon / Activated block Carbon Filter and many others related filters cartridge.

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