Manganese Zeolite

Manganese Zeolite is most effective and economical iron removal media ifrom Taiwan. It is commonly used for removing dissolve iron and manganese from contaminated water. It also removes hydrogen sulfide from deep Tube-well water., It is a purple-black filter media processed from ceramic zeolite granule. Zeomangan can be used in a completely closed pressure system with no aeration or repumping, or in an open gravity filter system. To work well it is requiring more than 6.2 pH in raw water. To get best performance, it require normal flow rate are 5-12 gpm/sqft. If higher iron contain, usually recommended lower flow rate to get good result. Exceed recommended flow rate of 12 gpm/sqft usually tolerated but a pilot unit need to require be operated to control the effluent quality and run length. Raw water pH level require 6.2 or higher to get best performance. If pH less than 6.2 then must be passed through Manganese Zeolite with pH correction. So, finally we set the rules as mandatory water having a pH lower than 6.2 should be pH corrected to 6.2 – 6.5 before passing through the Manganese Zeolite. If the case arises a pH higher than 6.5 is desired in the water system, the additional alkali should be added after the filters due to the adverse reaction.

Category: Filtration Media & Chemicals
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