Surface Water Based Pipe Water Systems at Unchiprang, Cox's Bazar

Project Name: Emergency Assistance Project

Package Name: Construction and operation of surface water based pipe water systems for Unchiprang, Teknaf (EAP/DPHE/W12B)

Capacity: 100m3 x 2 and 30m3 x 1

Filtration Process: Ultra Filtration Based

Distribution System: Mini Piped Water Network based

Power System: REB Power and Generator (100m3x2) and Solar Power (30m3 x 1)

Source of Water: Lake Water

Transmission Pipeline and Length: 315mm HDPE (8500m)

Distribution Pipe Line: 110mm, 75mm and 40mm (8900m)

Client: Depaertment of Public Health Engineering, Cox's Bazar

Funded by: Asian Development Bank (ADB) (Grant No. G0592-BAN)

Location: The works to be carried out is located in Teknaf upazila under Cox’s Bazar district.

Project Details

  • Start Date 2020-01-19
  • End Date 2021-06-12
  • Clients Depaertment of Public Health Engineering, Cox's Bazar
  • Status Completed