Surface Water Reservoir & Piped Water Supply at Nayapara, Teknaf, Cox's Bazar.

The existence of life without water is unimaginable, echoing that 'safe water is another name for life'. Public health cannot be protected without safe water supply.

After the independence of Bangladesh, the government laid due emphasis on the rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation systems and took initiatives to protect public health by building new infrastructure. In continuation of this, unprecedented activities in safe water and sanitation have been taken by the current government of Bangladesh. A community cannot be imagined without safe drinking water supply. Due to insufficiency of ground water and fresh water, Public Health Engineering Department (DPHE) established C-26, Nawapara, Shalbagan Surface Water Treatment Plant through Emergency Assistant Project with the help of ADB.

For water availability and longtime storage, DPHE constructed a fully modernized water reservoir.

Due to which a large part of the surrounding area including Camp-26 & Camp-27 has come under its ambit which is exemplary at all levels. Due to technical reasons, this Surface Water Treatment Plant has been implemented on a very small space. It is being constantly monitored by DPHE Cox through a state-of-the-art water quality lab, remote monitoring data transfer system and round-the-clock close circuit cameras. Currently the water treatment capacity of this SWTP is 200m3/h (200000 Liter/h). Generators are installed at the said SWTP to ensure round-the-clock supply. 

Installation of Tap Stand is ongoing for Host Community & Rohingya Community to receive water regularly.

No substitute for education to advance a nation, similarly there is no substitute for safe drinking water.

Package Name: Surface Water Reservoir & Piped Water Supply at Nayapara, Teknaf, Cox's Bazar.

Capacity: 200 m3/h

Filtration Process: Quagulation-flocculation and multigrade-based filtration system.

Source of Water: Surface Water

Water Collection Method: Floating pumping station

Coverage Area: Rohingya Camp 26, 27 and host community area

Construction Partner: AWCL-JI JV (Supported by: Green Dot Limited)

Implemented by:  Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE)

Project Name: Emergency Assistance Project (EAP)

Grant No.: 0582 (Asian Development Bank)

Project Details

  • Start Date 2020-10-30
  • End Date 2022-03-30
  • Clients Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE)
  • Status Completed
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