Shameem-Parvez Green Dot Limited
B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering; BUET

Nazmus Sakib

Engineer - Business Development

Mr. Nazmus Sakib is an Engineer with a background in Mechanical Engineering, holding a B.Sc degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He serves as an Engineer in the Business Development field and contributes to various key roles within the organization:
Research and Development: Mr. Sakib is actively involved in researching and developing new products, contributing to the company's innovation and growth.
Production and Maintenance Operations: He efficiently manages and oversees the operations of production and maintenance, ensuring the smooth and reliable functioning of these critical areas.
Quality Control Supervision: Mr. Sakib plays a vital role in maintaining high-quality standards within the production process. He supervises and ensures that quality control measures are rigorously adhered to, ensuring the delivery of top-notch products to customers.
With his educational background and multifaceted job roles, Mr. Nazmus Sakib brings valuable expertise and dedication to his role as an Engineer in Business Development.