Tareq-Abdullah | Green Dot Limited

Md. Anamul Hasan Khan (CIP)

We have been in a challenge for the past 2 years with several water quality standards of the organization and our production was suffering. Green dot ltd checked our old plant completely and solved the problems properly and restarted our production. Which was a lasting solution. I wish Green Dot Ltd all the best.

Md.-Anamul-Hasan-Khan-(CIP) | Green Dot Limited

Md. Abul Manjur

Green Dot Limited has been doing various works in various projects of Public Health Engineering Directorate of Cox's Bazar district for the past several years. Among them, some of the significant tasks have been completed correctly by showing their professional skills. Several works including surface water treatment plant, mobile water treatment plant, service water reservoir, production tube well, installation of pipe network in Rohingya camp and operation and maintenance are noteworthy. Due to their proper commitment, the image of the Department of Public Health Engineering as well as the government has been bright with various stakeholders. Their quick response to any need has enhanced the reputation of the office. Due to the skilled manpower and engineering capabilities of the water treatment plant, they have completed their work properly in the department.

Md. Abul-Manjur | Green Dot Limited

Tareq Abdullah

After a lot of searching and checking, we took a Water Treatment Plant from Green Dot Ltd. for our organization and got much more than our desired demand. Their one call service, product quality, and behavior impressed us. If you want to take some services for proper and good quality water treatment, then I will first suggest Green Dot Ltd.