Iron Removal Media

Selecting the right media is most important to get perfect result. We are proudly introducing world famous BIRM Media, TIRM, Manganese Zeolite ( Zeomangan), Manganese Dioxide, Manganese Green Sand, Quartz Sand, Anion Resin, Cation Resin, Mixed Bed Resin, RO Antiscalant, Membrane Cleaner, Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon, Coal Base Activated Carbon and Anthracite. A correct product can reduce your expenditure and save energy. You can consult with our experience expertise to select the right products.

Iron Removal Media


BIRM Media

Birm Media is most effective and cost-effective iron removal filter media. It is producing in USA factory. This Birm Media is used for removing iron & manganese from untreated water. This media can



DMI-65 is world innovative silica sand based activated granular filtration media from Australia. It is active components are enduringly fused into the grain that is totally different from other iron


Irox N70

Irox N70 is a special type of Iron Removal Media that is coated with manganese oxide. It is a common and well-known Water Treatment Filter Media which removes hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese.

Manganese Zeolite

Manganese Zeolite

Manganese Zeolite is most effective and economical iron removal media ifrom Taiwan. It is commonly used for removing dissolve iron and manganese from contaminated water. It also removes hydrogen